No Console Required: Samsung And Sony Team Up For Playstation Now Service

The ability to play Playstation games has, up until now, always necessitated a Sony Playstation console. With the advent of Playstation Now, the console is no longer required to play some Playstation titles. Sony have collaborated with Samsung to bring the game streaming service, PlayStation Now, to Samsung Smart TVs next year in 2015. The Sony gaming service will be made available in the first half of 2015 beginning with US and Canada.
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What Will The Mobile Market Look Like in 2015?

While you might be content with the phone or tablet that you bought in 2013, you’re still probably curious about what new gadgets are coming out in the market in the future and how much influence they will have on device manufacturers going forward. This simple curiosity is what keeps some people excited about technology and enthusiastic about its evolution. In the end, consumers will dictate how the market will look. However, if there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that whatever catches on towards the end of one year will continue its trend into the next. Here are some predictions concerning the state of mobile technology in the year 2015.

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Skype Can Now Translate Video Calls!

When you actually stop and think about it for a moment, a service like Skype is pretty amazing. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Skype allows you to share a video call with any other user.

We’ve used it for so long we’ve probably gotten a little used to it, but the technology behind it really is incredible. And now, it’s about to get even better. On 12/15/14, they released a preview of a new feature called Skype Translator, and it does just what it sounds like it should do – it translates video calls if the callers are speaking different languages. And it’s not something that just came out of nowhere – it’s the culmination of a ton of work over the past several years.

In the preview version, it worked with English and Spanish speakers. Skype hears the callers speaking, translates their words into text, and then audibly speaks the text into the correct language for the other person in real time. And here’s a neat fact: each person will hear the text in the correct accent of the other speaker.

It is hopeful that this service will be especially beneficial to schools all over the world.

It’s unknown when the final version of the software will be available, but I wouldn’t think it would take too awfully long. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Top 4 Chrome Extensions for YouTube Enthusiasts

YouTube is a great video streaming service with its ocean of user-generated videos ranging from educational, informative, science, tech to sad cat diaries. But other than that, it is lacking many features that can make it into an even better video site. If you are a Youtube enthusiast as well as a Chrome user, here are some of the best Chrome extensions for YouTube that you can use to improve your video watching experience.

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WhatsApp on Web soon?

The popular cross-platform mobile messaging tool WhatsApp has made a mark in the smartphone arena and now the service is planning to make its grip on the web platform as well. If the rumours are to be believed, WhatsApp may soon come up with a web version of its widely-accepted messaging app.
As per a report by, the screenshot of the HTML programme above encodes word ‘WhatsApp Web’. In addition to that, the code also embeds logging into a web service and checking online status, the later feature is seen on the mobile version. However, there is no definite evidence in support to the report, and an official announcement from the largest mobile service is still awaited.

In today’s day, where everything is about seamless interconnectivity between web and mobile, WhatsApp shouldn’t remain constricted to smartphones.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is the only popular messaging service which doesn’t have a web version. Its competition such as Line, Viber, Telegram and WeChat allow users to text both via phone and web. With a user base of over 600 million, the tool definitely needs a web version.
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Microsoft Planning Windows 10 Event in January

Microsoft announced Windows 10 in a small event in San Francisco, where the developer preview was launched. Redmond has a bigger launch event planned for the consumer edition of Windows 10. In late January, Microsoft will hold an event for all press and developers, to show some of the new changes coming to the final edition of Windows 10.

The event should take place after the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one of the biggest technology events of the year. Microsoft is hoping to draw the enthusiasm from CES to its own event.
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Comodo Dragon Internet Browser 36.1 Released

Have you tried to move away form you current web browser and change to something different?  There are many different web browsers that are available, most come with numerous features and will ‘feel’ a little different than what you are used to. Comodo Dragon is a Chromium technology-based Browser that offers you all of Chrome’s features PLUS the unparalleled level of security and privacy you only get from Comodo. Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers.
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Facebook Preparing a Social Network For Business in 2015

Facebook has over 1.3 billion people on the social network, but the amount of time spent on Facebook is less than ideal — at only 40 minutes per day — it drags behind other social services. One of the reasons for the low average user time may be the fact Facebook is blocked at work. Most companies block Facebook from being accessed, to stop time wasted on the social networking platform.

However, Facebook wants to enter the workplace, with a new work service. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apparently working on the project with a team at Facebook, creating a service to rival LinkedIn and get the social network unbanned from the workplace. Facebook at Work would have a few similarities to the regular Facebook service, but would focus on calendar updates, quick messages and separate work-friends from others.

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Texting Hurts Your Spine!

That’s correct – a back surgeon from New York has done all kinds of research on the subject, and he’s convinced that the way we normally text, by looking down at our phones, exerts around 60 pounds of additional force on our heads. Given the fact that many Indians spend hours a day texting, Whatsappin friends over time, that pattern can really have a damaging impact on the spine. If left unchecked, it can ultimately lead to back surgeries, etc.

How long do you spend texting each day? Have you suffered any spinal problems directly related to texting? If so, please tell us about them in the comments section below. It will be interesting to see how common this problem really is!
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TextSecure Protocol Used to Encrypt WhatsApp

Are you ever concerned that the messages you share between friends can ever be read by others? Most messaging services such as LINE and WhatsApp have more features than just text support; you can send audio and video as well. So should you be overly concerned about your data? Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about it if I were you as it appears as though your privacy is being taken quite seriously by WhatsApp.  They have just made a deal with Open Whisper Systems this week to use TextSecure protocol to scramble messages, thereby hiding the message.

“Open Whisper Systems said in a blog post, “WhatsApp deserves enormous praise for devoting considerable time and effort to this project…Even though we’re still at the beginning of the rollout, we believe this already represents the largest deployment of end-to-end encrypted communication in history.”

The TextSecure encryption is enabled automatically as a default setting in the most recent version of WhatsApp for mobile devices powered Android software. Open Whisper said. “Brian Acton (WhatsApp co-founder) and the WhatsApp engineering team has been amazing to work with…Their devotion to the project as well as their thoroughness in getting this done are inspiring in a world where so many other companies are focused on surveillance instead of privacy.”

Open Whisper is an open-source project that is supported by grants and donations.During the South By Southwest conference earlier this year, former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is known to have praised the encryption tools offered by Open Whisper.

The announcement was confirmed to AFP but apparently they declined to comment any further.  In October, Facebook completed its purchase of WhatsApp, with the mostly stock deal reaching nearly $22 billion.

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Adobe Lightroom 5.7 Released

Lightroom is Adobe’s state-of-the-art professional photo development, manipulation and organization software. Lightroom’s powerful features enable users to transform RAW photographs into beautiful images of any kind. Sharpness, contrast, tone, white-balance and color can be adjusted in fine detail manually or through a large range of default and downloadable presets. Styles such as black and white, sepia, high contrast color and velvia are applied with one click.

To organize photographs, Lightroom provides a concept of catalogues and collections that can include one or multiple images from various folders on your hard-drive or other media sources. The book module makes for easy creation of photo books or brochures which can be saved as PDF to be ordered at online print services. Lightroom is capable of importing AVCHD-Videos to extract single JPG images for further processing. Pictures with GPS data can be shown on its location on Google Maps.

Supported Image and Video formats include: Camera Raw, DNG, TIFF, JPG, Photoshop (PSD), AVI, MOV, MP4 and others.

The following updates have been undertaken in this version of Lightroom:

  • Synced collections now show a more prominent share button at the top of the Toolbar. This allows you to quickly share your synced collection with friends, family, and clients using Lightroom web (
  • Comments and likes left on Lightroom web now sync to the Lightroom desktop catalog. Comments and Likes will be shown in the “Comment” panel for synced collections.
  • Images with comments and likes will display a badge indicating that there are comments and a coloured badge to indicate that there are unread comments.
  • Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 5.7
  • The crop overlay displayed an intermediate step when progressing through images in the filmstrip with overlay displayed.
  • The lens profile for the Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 would not auto-select when using Lens Profile Corrections.
  • ICC profiles resulted in incorrectly clipped shadows and blacks in Lightroom. Note that this is related to the issue identified here and only occurs on Mac OSX 10.9 and later
  • Fixed crash when rapidly adding corrections with the Spot Removal tool.
  • Improved quality of Camera Matching colour profiles for the Nikon D810. Fixes visible banding issues with the Camera Standard, Camera Vivid, Camera Landscape, and Camera Monochrome profiles.
  • Context menu (right click on PC or control+click on Mac) was disabled for images contained in Lightroom mobile collections.
  • Fixed issue that prevented Lightroom 5 from reading Photoshop Elements 13 libraries.
  • Cover images set by Lightroom mobile were sometimes incorrectly reset by Lightroom desktop.
  • Sync with Lightroom mobile sometimes stalled when asset is added to same album on both LrM and LrD and later deleted
  • Resolved issue that caused Lightroom to crash when creating a Print and saving it to a mounted DVD directly inside Lightroom.
  • Publishing images to Behance using the Behance Publish Service has been restored.
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Duck Hunt is Coming to the Wii U

The first video game we can remember playing is Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo (NES) System.  Duck Hunt first came out way back in 1984 and was one of Nintendo’s original classic games. It’s not staying “classic”, though, as Nintendo has announced they’re re-releasing it for the Wii U.

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Guy Bought 99 iPhones to Propose & Got Turned Down

Who knew there was such a thing as Single’s Day? (Props to you if you did know that!) Apparently it’s celebrated dreaded in China on November 11th. Unfortunately, one Chinese man is going to be remembering this Single’s Day for the rest of his life. Deciding he didn’t want to be single anymore, he decided to propose to his girlfriend before the unfortunate “holiday” could visit him again. And this particular man spent a ton of money just to pop the question – and I’m not even talking about an engagement ring. He went out and bought 99 iPhone 6’s, set them up like a gigantic heart, and proposed to his girlfriend inside of the iPhone heart.

Unfortunately, love was not in the air, and she said no. I hope all those iPhone 6’s were still within the return period, because the heartbroken guy spent somewhere in the ballpark of $82,000. And no, I have no idea what he planned on doing with the iPhones if she’d said yes. So if you think you’re having a bad day, just look at the photo below.
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YouTube adds Support for 60 Frames Per Second. Why?

YouTube has made a new feature available in which videos will be able to stream at 60 frames per second as opposed to its usual 30. While the majority of video buffs and avid gamers out there will be excited about this, it’s kind of hard for people on the sidelines to understand what’s so interesting about doubling the amount of frames that each video displays per second. Also, there is a lot of science here that I think we’re missing out on in the middle of all of this excitement. YouTube’s move towards 60 frames per second is a break from a very long tradition that goes back to when black and white television was aired.

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How to Play the Hidden Flappy Bird Game on Android Lollipop

We all love hidden games, did you know each version of Android has hidden Easter eggs popped in by bored developers? The latest Lollipop release is no exception. This time it’s a hidden version of possibly the most annoying surprise hit of 2013 a version of the FlappyBird game.

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Need a Performance Boost? Glary Utilities does its best!

Glary Utilities is a free performance booster and system cleaner for your Windows PC. The easy-to-use and intuitive interface features one-click functionality and easy, automated options, which give you the choice of either 1-Click maintenance or a custom selection of operations.

The application includes over twenty system utilities, which allow you to customize your scan. The application features options such as a Registry Cleaner, Spyware Remover, Startup Manager and Shortcuts Fixer, all of which will improve your computer performance.

Download (Official Server)

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Microsoft to Launch Wearable Soon

Everybody and their mother is jumping on the wearable bandwagon and Microsoft is no exception. Microsoft is planning to launch their own wearable fitness band in the foreseeable future. Forbes has reported the announcement is due “within the next few weeks.”

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Five Best Android Apps to create Animated GIF's

Want to create some cool GIF'S  using your android device. Yes, you can as there are plenty of apps that can work for you. Here are some top 5 which will be helpful for you to create some.

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Making Windows 8 look like XP

Windows XP is long gone as Microsoft withdrew its support. But most of us Windows users are still in love with it and are missing the blues and greens of Windows XP. So if you are one of them, here is how you can make Windows 8 look like Windows XP.

Note:  This article is not intended for beginners. Don’t forget to have a good backup of your files before proceeding.
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ClickStick: The First Smart Deodorant

I do realize we live in an era where seemingly everything is becoming “smarter”. Think about it – our tv’s, our phones, our coffee makers – even our vehicles are becoming more intelligent before our very eyes. For some of those things, the smart upgrade was no big surprise to me. But do you know what “smart” device has completely taken me by surprise? Smart deodorant. We need a smart deodorant? That was my reaction too. Apparently so, because a couple of students from Princeton have developed ClickStick – what they claim as the world’s first smart deodorant stick.

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Facebook "Safe" Feature

Does it really help?

Is it useful during big disasters, when you can't even find your network to connect through?

Do you really care in checking facebook immediately after disasters occur?

Leave it up to Facebook to develop something useful. As of yesterday (Wednesday), a new feature known simply as Safety Check has been unveiled. And, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a tool that lets your friends and family members know you’re safe in the event of a local emergency. How exactly does Facebook know if you’ve had a nearby emergency?

As someone who has been through a natural disaster and wasn’t able to get through to anyone via the phone lines, I can tell you that Facebook was a life saver in that it let everyone know my family was safe. Safety Check will only serve to streamline that process and make it even easier.

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ClevX DriveSecurity Protection for USB Flash Drives

ClevX DriveSecurity is an antivirus utility that has been specifically designed for use with USB portable drives, which prevents malware from spreading via portable devices. The application is designed to run without any installation on a host computer; ClevX DriveSecurity will operate from the portable drive itself, thereby eliminating malware found in the drive’s files.

Malware is easily passed between infected portable drives.

The application uses ESET NOD32 antivirus engine that scans any changes that are made to the drive’s content for viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, worms and other threats.

ClevX DriveSecurity closes a key vulnerability in your business and/or home office network’s malware defense with a secure USB drive.

The application is compatible with all USB portable drives i.e. Flash or SSD and runs directly from the portable drive with no host installation necessary. ClevX DriveSecurity will not conflict with any installed antivirus software because it operates independently.

So if you are looking for a clean and simple media player with fresh interface what are you waiting for? You can download ClevX DriveSecurity from today.
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Android 5.0 : Lollipop

After monte of initial release the Android 5.0 version has been made official and its called Lollipop (sorry not ladoo). The OS was mostly known as Android L since its announcement and now it has finally been named along with the launch of the three flagship products, the Nexus 6, the Nexus 9 and a $99 Nexus player.
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MediaTek MT6595 4G LTE octa-core SoC launched

Eying the premium 4G smartphone market in India, MediaTek has introduced its MT6595 true octa-core 4G LTE System on Chip (SoC) in India. Devices embedded with the new MT6595 are expected to arrive by the end of the year.

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Become A Web Programming Master with These 3 Courses

It used to be that you needed to attend a university to learn programming. That is certainly not the case now. As long as you have Internet access, there are tons of courses and resources to help you learn programming. Here are a few courses to give you a kickstart to becoming a Web programming master.

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Google 64Bit Android L Dev Emulator Image Released

Google has just released the x86 64-bit Android L developer preview emulator image.  This allows developers to begin testing their 64-bit apps.

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Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads (And Why You Shouldn’t Either?)

If you fall within the Gen-Y era like us, chances are you’ve given a bunch of thought as to how you would raise your own children in this day and age (assuming you don’t have children already). Especially with technology, so much has changed since our childhoods in the 90s. Here’s one question: Would you introduce the technological wonder/heroin that is the iPod and iPad to your kids?
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Helium-Filled 10TB Hard Drive Announced
Western Digital’s HGST have announced the world’s first 10-terabyte hard drive and it’s helium-filled to boot. The Ultrastar He10, comes just a couple of weeks after Seagate announced the initial availability of their 8TB air-filled hard drive. The company has failed to disclose any pricing structure as yet but Western Digital have said that the 10TB drive will have the lowest cost-per-gigabyte and power consumption-per-gigabyte of any HDD drive that is currently available on the market.
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Amazon forked out $4.5 million to beat out Google to the .buy domain name

As new top level domains (TDLs) are created, tech and domain registry companies throw around huge sums of money to own the rights to control them. Recently, Google and Amazon were among companies bidding millions for the rights to new TDLs like .buy, .tech, and .VIP.
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3 Ways to Find Your System Specifications

It can often be valuable to know the finer details about your computer, whether discussing with friends, finding upgrades for your existing hardware, or (in the worst case scenario) discussing it with tech support after something has gone catastrophically wrong. Few people know how to find their system specifications, and even fewer would be content with opening their computer to find parts that may not have obvious branding.
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Apple releases a Guide to help Android users move to iOS

Apple is rolling out the new iOS 8 update tonight and the iPhone 6 devices are all prepped to be shipped. According to The Verge, the company appears to be expecting that a lot of people will be switching from Samsung, HTC, and other devices to their new iPhone.
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The Darknet: How do I access it?

You would imagine that an underground network such as the Darknet would be quite difficult to access. In fact, it is not. It is extremely easy to gain entry. This is because the true security of this network is the decentralized threat model of anonymity engines like TOR and I2P. By this, no one on the network can identify anyone else on the network, because of the way information is passed between peers.
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What type of information is on the Darknet?

You can find anything from political advocacy blogs to leaked documents and controversial essays from freelance journalists. However, there is also a lot of bad stuff too.

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Don't download Missing .dll Files from External Websites! Why?

So you just downloaded a software or a game, and when you try to run it, a window pops up with an error message stating that it can’t run because it is missing a .dll file. These dll errors are so common in Windows, and they can be really troublesome at times. The easiest way is to go download the .dll files from a random website and place them in your system folder. While this may patch the problem, it may be potentially dangerous for your Windows computer. In this guide, let us see why you shouldn’t download missing .dll files from external sites.

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Self-Destructing Posts - New Facebook feature

 Facebook Is Testing Self-Destructing Posts, the Latest Innovation in Its Feud with Snapchat 
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Gear VR By Samsung's closer look!

Samsung recently announced that its Gear VR has finally arrived and features not only a Super AMOLED display that shows content in 3D but also lets you enjoy a 360-degree viewing experience. It can also be paired up with the newly released Galaxy Note 4 and Gear Circle.
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4.93 million Gmail passwords leaked by Russian hacker tvskit

Yes its true, A russian hacker codenamed "tvskit" leaked online approximately ~5 million passwords which are posted openly on russain bitcoin forum in an archive file which can be easily downloaded by everyone.
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iOS 8 Release Date Revealed

9/9/14 was a historic day for Apple. Not only did they announce two new iPhones to be available on September 19th of this year, but they also unleashed the Apple Watch. If those two announcements weren’t big enough in their own right, Apple decided to make the announcements from the same location where Steve Jobs first announced the Macintosh computer some thirty years ago.

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Amazing New Apple Watch !

We can finally lay months of rumors and speculation to rest. The iWatch is real and it's called the Apple Watch. Tim Cook describes it as the next chapter in Apple's history. It's a "comprehensive health and fitness device," says Cook, much as it was expected, but it's also "an extremely precise and customizable timepiece."

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This Is The iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Apple has officially unveiled its new smartphone - the iPhone 6. Just as we expected, the iPhone 6 appears to have a much larger screen than the iPhone 5s and comes in two sizes.
The smaller version will be called the iPhone 6, while the larger edition will be the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen, while the bigger iPhone 6 Plus will have a 5.5-inch display.

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4 Common Windows Network Utilities

Like any other operating system, Windows has its own basic command line networking utilities which are widely used for troubleshooting and information gathering purposes. These basic Windows networking utilities like Ping, Tracert, IPConfig, etc.., are very helpful and allow you to manage and monitor your network connections without installing additional software. For those who are not aware of such tools, or are not clear of how these tools work, let us discuss what these basic Windows network utilities can do for you.

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Social Networks Make People Distrustful & Unhappy A Study Reveals

Social networks have created ways to connect with people all around the world, to reconnect with people that you haven’t spoken to in years and to find new people on the Internet, but most people use social networks, like Facebook, to keep in contact with close friends, who only live a few miles away.
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How to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows

Device drivers are like the fundamental building blocks for your Windows PC as they help all your hardware devices to work as they should work. No matter how useful the device drivers are, they are always a headache if you don’t have proper driver software or if your OS fails to properly identify the hardware connected. 
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How to make Strong Passwords!

“Be sure to use a strong password.”  In fact, if you have any dealings whatsoever online, then you will constantly see it.  Why should you have a strong password?
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iPhone fans Camping Out For New iPhone

We are less than a week away from Apple’s big reveal on September 9th, and while many people are excited, some people are extremely excited. While that’s the date we expect Apple to officially reveal two new iPhones and possibly the first iWatch, apart from rumors and speculation, there’s not much to go on. So in theory, Apple could technically reveal none of those things, but they’d probably have a lot of angry people on their hands were that the case. Chances are, they will reveal the new iPhone(s), and the world will go crazy once again as it always does before a new iPhone releases. Some people already seem to be going crazy, though, as they are already camping out outside of an Apple store in New York City.

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NASA Is Making A Drone Air Traffic Control System

There have emerged some reports that NASA is developing an air-traffic control system, which has been designed specifically for drones, such as the ones that are currently being tested by Amazon and Google.

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The lightest Windows Smartphone Xolo Win Q900s is here and its affordable too

Gone are the days when Microsoft's mobile platform Windows Phone was only associated with Nokia Lumia, much like how Android became synonymous with Samsung. But earlier this year, Microsoft managed to break this stranglehold, first by buying out the Nokia devices division and from there on, decided to free up the platform for more and more vendors, by making it free for any Windows device below nine inches, where smartphones prominently feature.

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Firefox 32 arrives with new HTTP cache and more

Mozilla officially launched Firefox 32 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Additions include a new HTTP cache for improved performance, public key pinning support, and easy language switching on Android.
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Is “Find My iPhone” To Blame for Nude Photos Of Celebs Stolen From iCloud

Apple has some major explaining to do after it emerged that nude photos of A-list celebrities were published on 4chan, the anonymous image-sharing site. A total of 101 celebrities were targeted by the hacker who allegedly broke into their iCloud accounts and stole the images.

One such celebrity was Jennifer Lawrence, whose spokesperson confirmed that the images are indeed genuine and that they will be taking legal action against anyone who stole and posted Ms Lawrence’s photos.

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