4.93 million Gmail passwords leaked by Russian hacker tvskit

Yes its true, A russian hacker codenamed "tvskit" leaked online approximately ~5 million passwords which are posted openly on russain bitcoin forum in an archive file which can be easily downloaded by everyone.


Google doesn't accept this and says those passwords were nearly 3 years old. Sources say that 60% of those passwords are active at this moment.

There are many sites linked to get those passwords.

The below is the forum page in which he posted all those passwords in txt file packed in gooo****.7z archive.

We have downloaded the file which contains seperate list of usernames and passwords which are about ~5mil

After you download the archive you will get the archive file when uncompressed you will get these two files.

One has collection of usernames and other has the passwords in it

Want to find if you are the victim?? Go to below link and enter your email to find out if you are in the list
--> https://isleaked.com/en

Goodluck :)