Helium-Filled 10TB Hard Drive Announced

Western Digital’s HGST have announced the world’s first 10-terabyte hard drive and it’s helium-filled to boot. The Ultrastar He10, comes just a couple of weeks after Seagate announced the initial availability of their 8TB air-filled hard drive. The company has failed to disclose any pricing structure as yet but Western Digital have said that the 10TB drive will have the lowest cost-per-gigabyte and power consumption-per-gigabyte of any HDD drive that is currently available on the market.
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Amazon forked out $4.5 million to beat out Google to the .buy domain name


As new top level domains (TDLs) are created, tech and domain registry companies throw around huge sums of money to own the rights to control them. Recently, Google and Amazon were among companies bidding millions for the rights to new TDLs like .buy, .tech, and .VIP.
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3 Ways to Find Your System Specifications

It can often be valuable to know the finer details about your computer, whether discussing with friends, finding upgrades for your existing hardware, or (in the worst case scenario) discussing it with tech support after something has gone catastrophically wrong. Few people know how to find their system specifications, and even fewer would be content with opening their computer to find parts that may not have obvious branding.

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Apple releases a Guide to help Android users move to iOS


Apple is rolling out the new iOS 8 update tonight and the iPhone 6 devices are all prepped to be shipped. According to The Verge, the company appears to be expecting that a lot of people will be switching from Samsung, HTC, and other devices to their new iPhone.
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The Darknet: How do I access it?


You would imagine that an underground network such as the Darknet would be quite difficult to access. In fact, it is not. It is extremely easy to gain entry. This is because the true security of this network is the decentralized threat model of anonymity engines like TOR and I2P. By this, no one on the network can identify anyone else on the network, because of the way information is passed between peers.
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What type of information is on the Darknet?


You can find anything from political advocacy blogs to leaked documents and controversial essays from freelance journalists. However, there is also a lot of bad stuff too.

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Don't download Missing .dll Files from External Websites! Why?


So you just downloaded a software or a game, and when you try to run it, a window pops up with an error message stating that it can’t run because it is missing a .dll file. These dll errors are so common in Windows, and they can be really troublesome at times. The easiest way is to go download the .dll files from a random website and place them in your system folder. While this may patch the problem, it may be potentially dangerous for your Windows computer. In this guide, let us see why you shouldn’t download missing .dll files from external sites.

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Self-Destructing Posts - New Facebook feature

 Facebook Is Testing Self-Destructing Posts, the Latest Innovation in Its Feud with Snapchat
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Gear VR By Samsung's closer look!


Samsung recently announced that its Gear VR has finally arrived and features not only a Super AMOLED display that shows content in 3D but also lets you enjoy a 360-degree viewing experience. It can also be paired up with the newly released Galaxy Note 4 and Gear Circle.
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4.93 million Gmail passwords leaked by Russian hacker tvskit

Yes its true, A russian hacker codenamed "tvskit" leaked online approximately ~5 million passwords which are posted openly on russain bitcoin forum in an archive file which can be easily downloaded by everyone.

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iOS 8 Release Date Revealed


9/9/14 was a historic day for Apple. Not only did they announce two new iPhones to be available on September 19th of this year, but they also unleashed the Apple Watch. If those two announcements weren’t big enough in their own right, Apple decided to make the announcements from the same location where Steve Jobs first announced the Macintosh computer some thirty years ago.

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Amazing New Apple Watch !

We can finally lay months of rumors and speculation to rest. The iWatch is real and it's called the Apple Watch. Tim Cook describes it as the next chapter in Apple's history. It's a "comprehensive health and fitness device," says Cook, much as it was expected, but it's also "an extremely precise and customizable timepiece."

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This Is The iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

Apple has officially unveiled its new smartphone - the iPhone 6. Just as we expected, the iPhone 6 appears to have a much larger screen than the iPhone 5s and comes in two sizes.
The smaller version will be called the iPhone 6, while the larger edition will be the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch screen, while the bigger iPhone 6 Plus will have a 5.5-inch display.

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4 Common Windows Network Utilities

Like any other operating system, Windows has its own basic command line networking utilities which are widely used for troubleshooting and information gathering purposes. These basic Windows networking utilities like Ping, Tracert, IPConfig, etc.., are very helpful and allow you to manage and monitor your network connections without installing additional software. For those who are not aware of such tools, or are not clear of how these tools work, let us discuss what these basic Windows network utilities can do for you.

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Social Networks Make People Distrustful & Unhappy A Study Reveals


Social networks have created ways to connect with people all around the world, to reconnect with people that you haven’t spoken to in years and to find new people on the Internet, but most people use social networks, like Facebook, to keep in contact with close friends, who only live a few miles away.
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How to Find Drivers for Unknown Devices in Windows


Device drivers are like the fundamental building blocks for your Windows PC as they help all your hardware devices to work as they should work. No matter how useful the device drivers are, they are always a headache if you don’t have proper driver software or if your OS fails to properly identify the hardware connected. 
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How to make Strong Passwords!

“Be sure to use a strong password.”  In fact, if you have any dealings whatsoever online, then you will constantly see it.  Why should you have a strong password?

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iPhone fans Camping Out For New iPhone


We are less than a week away from Apple’s big reveal on September 9th, and while many people are excited, some people are extremely excited. While that’s the date we expect Apple to officially reveal two new iPhones and possibly the first iWatch, apart from rumors and speculation, there’s not much to go on. So in theory, Apple could technically reveal none of those things, but they’d probably have a lot of angry people on their hands were that the case. Chances are, they will reveal the new iPhone(s), and the world will go crazy once again as it always does before a new iPhone releases. Some people already seem to be going crazy, though, as they are already camping out outside of an Apple store in New York City.

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NASA Is Making A Drone Air Traffic Control System

There have emerged some reports that NASA is developing an air-traffic control system, which has been designed specifically for drones, such as the ones that are currently being tested by Amazon and Google.


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The lightest Windows Smartphone Xolo Win Q900s is here and its affordable too

Gone are the days when Microsoft's mobile platform Windows Phone was only associated with Nokia Lumia, much like how Android became synonymous with Samsung. But earlier this year, Microsoft managed to break this stranglehold, first by buying out the Nokia devices division and from there on, decided to free up the platform for more and more vendors, by making it free for any Windows device below nine inches, where smartphones prominently feature.


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Firefox 32 arrives with new HTTP cache and more

Mozilla officially launched Firefox 32 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Additions include a new HTTP cache for improved performance, public key pinning support, and easy language switching on Android.

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Is “Find My iPhone” To Blame for Nude Photos Of Celebs Stolen From iCloud

Apple has some major explaining to do after it emerged that nude photos of A-list celebrities were published on 4chan, the anonymous image-sharing site. A total of 101 celebrities were targeted by the hacker who allegedly broke into their iCloud accounts and stole the images.

One such celebrity was Jennifer Lawrence, whose spokesperson confirmed that the images are indeed genuine and that they will be taking legal action against anyone who stole and posted Ms Lawrence’s photos.


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MSN Messenger Being Retired in October

Whatever name you know it by, Windows Live Messenger, or its former name, MSN Messenger, you should know it’s closing up shop on October 31st of this year.


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