What type of information is on the Darknet?


You can find anything from political advocacy blogs to leaked documents and controversial essays from freelance journalists. However, there is also a lot of bad stuff too.

 Because this network requires anonymity, it has unfortunately attracted many unsavory types. Child pornography, stolen passwords, and exploit kits can all be bought, sold, or downloaded from this network. Once again, use with discretion.

There are a few things you need to understand about the Darknet/Deepweb before diving into it.

  •     The purpose of the Darknet is anonymity. Anonymity is actually required just to gain access. Therefore, no one on the network can identify you, and you can identify no one else on the network.
  •     The Darknet is built on a Peer-to-Peer backbone. By this, I mean content is not centrally hosted. It is “shared” between peers using non-standard ports and protocols.
  •     Darknet sites are completely inaccessible unless you are routing traffic through an anonymizing network such as TOR or I2P.
  •     While there is a considerable amount of useful information on the Darknet, there is also tons of illegal activity within. Do not click links or download material you are unsure about.