The Darknet: How do I access it?

You would imagine that an underground network such as the Darknet would be quite difficult to access. In fact, it is not. It is extremely easy to gain entry. This is because the true security of this network is the decentralized threat model of anonymity engines like TOR and I2P. By this, no one on the network can identify anyone else on the network, because of the way information is passed between peers.
There are several ways you can get online. To keep this article short and concise, I will be using the most straight-forward method: TOR. Firstly, navigate to TOR’s official website and grab a free copy of the TOR browser bundle. This will be your key to get in. (LINK) <--

Once this is done, a modified Firefox web browser will pop up. From here, you can access any site completely anonymously. Besides hiding your IP through a complicated network of onion routers, TorBrowser will also hide things about your browser session such as the operating system you are using and referral pages.

Closing Thoughts
 Keep in mind the basic guidelines to Internet safety and apply them doubly when surfing the Darknet.
  •     Do not disclose your identity to anyone under any circumstances.
  •     Assume any content you download is malicious, unless you absolutely trust the source, which you shouldn’t in the darknet.
  •     If you do download a binary, scan it with your antivirus before execution.

Warning : Use with caution or you will be fucked!