Looking at Cinnamon 2.8


Other than Gnome and KDE, Cinnamon is another desktop environment that is used by many people. It is made by the same team that produces Linux Mint (and ships with Linux Mint) and can also be installed on several other distributions. The latest version of this DE – Cinnamon 2.8 – was released earlier this month, and it brings a host of bug fixes and improvements as well as some new features.
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How to Know Who Unfollowed You on Twitter


UnFollowers allows you to see not only who unfollowed you on Twitter but also on Instagram. After signing in with your Twitter account, you can see who unfollowed you in the column on the left side.


In that column you can see info such as who is not following you back, who recently unfollowed you, who recently followed you and more.

There are other alternatives like Crowdfire for Twitter, Who Unfollowed Me, Friend or Follow, Manage Filter that helps you track unfollowers!

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Dell Security Error Opens Door For Hackers

According to a discovery of some odd digital certificates by a reddit user (who then posted the discovery), Dell laptops–believed for now to be limited to some Inspiron and XPS series machines–could contain a security flaw that would allow hackers to manipulate a website, make it read as though it belongs to Dell, and then use the customer service features to “take over” your computer and install malicious software. These digital certificates, the ones that let your computer know that “http://amazon.com” really is Amazon, for example, and can therefore be trusted, can be altered to make your computer recognize any website as belonging to someone else. Basically, a hacker can pretend to be Dell and get to work on your machine.


Dell apologizes for laptop security scare, will remove vulnerability today. Dell has posted instructions to permanently remove the certificate from affected systems here, and the company will also publish a software update today that will automatically check for the certificate and remove it. The company has not confirmed how many machines are affected, but the Inspiron 5000, XPS 15, and XPS 13 are known to ship with the certificate preinstalled.
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Project Astoria – A Windows Bridge for Android

 The latest Windows offering is designed with compatibility in mind, so the system links with a variety of devices. This cross-device functionality was first announced for Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One. Shortly after, news broke that Windows 10 was heading to the Windows Phone and to Windows’ tablet devices.


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5 Free Memory Improvement Apps for Android

Let’s try something recent – where are your house keys right now? If you have answered, “I don’t know” to at least two of these questions, it is time to improve your memory with these memory improvement apps for Android.

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Best File-Sharing Websites to Share Large Files Online

Sharing files via email is a common task, and every day we share many different files like documents, folders, pictures, etc. In most cases, these files are only limited to a few MBs and can be shared easily using the 10MB maximum file size limit offered by most email services. However, what are you going to do if your file is in the hundreds for the amount of MBs or even in GBs? How can you share large files online?

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Facial Recognition Software And Historic Sleuthing

Earlier this year, a great wrong was righted and a chapter of history was closed when King Richard III’s remains were finally discovered, after his death in battle more than five hundred years ago. But while news headlines of the discovery made it seem as though he was found by happenstance under a parking lot, there was actually an organization that worked at length to discover his once-current resting place. Part of the search involved keeping track of living descendants so that positive DNA matches could be made; one distant relation, Michael Ibsen, provided the evidence needed to verify that the skeletal remains were those of the king.


While DNA is a recognized forensic with noted ratios for accuracy, technology has just been used to solve another historical mystery. This one, however, is far less exact, but not because of any failing on the part of the tech.

The descendants of Victorian-era author Elizabeth Gaskell have possessed a small framed silhouette believed to be her likeness, but there was no way to verify it until researchers from the University of Manchester decided to try facial recognition software.

This was obviously a complicated endeavor due to a number of factors, like the size comparison between the silhouette and the miniature portrait, although one thing working in the researchers’ favor was the fact that the silhouette itself had never changed hands outside of Gaskell’s own family. Hindering their hope of accurate findings was the fact that they had only one other basis for comparison, a verified but later-in-life portrait of the author. The software had to not only correct for the face-view versus profile view between the two images, it also had to account for any age progression between the silhouette and the portrait. Finally, human error had to be taken into account, as these two images were both created by two separate individuals.

Fortunately, technicians were able to conclude that the silhouette is the same person represented in the portrait; the image will now be included in a large exhibit about the author and her works.
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AI Software has designed To Take A Better Selfie

Advancements pale in comparison to the new AI-level software that helps you take the best selfie ever.


Stanford University doctoral student Andrej Karpathy “taught” a computer in their Computer Vision Lab to evaluate selfies and judge their merits to determine if they were good or not. In almost exactly the same way that the human brain develops neural pathways for knowledge and decision making through repeated experiences, the computer “learned” how to judge a selfie by looking through more than 5 million of them and comparing the features of the selfie with the amount of positive feedback it received from viewers online.
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End Date For Windows 7 - Microsoft

This end date will affect the sale of computers with the operating system pre-installed, but the announcement also lists two further dates when support will be cancelled.


According to their Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet page, the sale of new Windows 7 Professional machines from authorized retailers will end on October 31, 2016; the sale of Windows 7 Home machines ended last year in October. The end of the support for the OS was January of this year for the mainstream support, with the end of extended support coming around in January of 2020.

Interestingly, Windows 8 has a weird end of life schedule, too. Windows 8 pre-installed machines will leave the market before the end of the run for Windows 7 Pro, as retail sales of the devices will cease on June 30, 2016. Windows 8.1 machines get to hang on a little longer, ending on the same date as the sales of Windows 7 Pro machines, October 31. The end of mainstream support for 8.1 will be in January of 2018, with extended support ending in January of 2023.
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