Become A Web Programming Master with These 3 Courses

It used to be that you needed to attend a university to learn programming. That is certainly not the case now. As long as you have Internet access, there are tons of courses and resources to help you learn programming. Here are a few courses to give you a kickstart to becoming a Web programming master.

1. The HTML5 + CSS3 Builder Bundle
Ever wonder how that stunning website works and is coded? Look no further than HTML5 and CSS3. They are the backbone for all the modern websites. If you are just getting started with programming, there is nothing better than starting with HTML5 and CSS3.

This HTML5 + CSS3 bundle contains 7 courses with over 54 hours of instruction. And the best thing is, it now has a 92% discount.

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2. The Jam-Packed JavaScript Bundle
You are not getting the whole deal if you are only learning HTML5 and CSS3 but not Javascript. Javascript is yet another important element of the modern website, and once you master it, there are tons of things – including ajax, animation, effects – that you can implement on a website.

The Jam-Packed JavaScript Bundle comes with 7 courses with over 40 hours of content.

Get The Jam-Packed JavaScript Bundle for $39 (91% off)

3. MySQL5: A User-Friendly MySQL Course
Unless you are building a static website, you will most likely need a database to store information on your website. This is where MySQL comes in. MySQL is the world’s most popular relational database solution used in businesses and independent projects. With thousands of new developers and users coming on board every day, now is your chance to get ahead of the curve.

MySQL5: A User-Friendly MySQL Course comes with 91 lectures (featuring 6+ hours of content), and you’ll have a working knowledge of using relational databases to solve problems in business and software or web development.

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