What You Need to Know About Driverless Vehicles

On May 27th, 2014, Google introduced a group of interested people (including one man who was blind and, obviously, unable to drive)  to a product that might change the way we look at vehicles for better or worse. For the first time, these people felt the thrill of having a digital chauffeur take them around what seemed like the safety of a parking lot. Everyone, including the early pioneers who brought us the auto industry, has something to say about this vehicle. One thing remains certain, however: The introduction of driverless vehicles seems inevitable. It’s time we start understanding them.

Is It Safe?

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Microsoft Unhappy About Windows XP Update Hack

Still hooked on Microsoft XP for whatever reason? Even though the company has officially said goodbye to the iconic operating system, and the deadline has come and gone, there are still hardcore XP users out there. And when I say hardcore, I mean hardcore – to the point that someone has created a Windows XP updated hack, which provides users a way to get around the lack of support for the operating system.

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Some of the Best FTP Clients for Mac

There are a few ways you can access the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) using your Mac, one of them being typing in the FTP address in your web browser’s address bar and performing some of the very basic operations. The other way is to use an FTP client that lets you do advanced operations as well as manage multiple accounts. If you are much into these geeky things and often upload and download files using FTP, you should consider using an FTP client that has all the features you need on your day-to-day basis. Here are some of the best FTP clients for Mac that are ready to serve you with all the features you would ever need.

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How Does Internet Connectivity Reach Remote Areas?

There are just over two billion people in the world using the Internet, which is roughly a third of the population. The fact that we got this far is already impressive. I mean, the number of people on the Internet is about half of the amount of IP addresses available through the IPv4 standard. Of course, some of these people live in remote villages on hilltops or even on boats. How can we reach them, and what can we do to promote Internet access (among other things, of course, like fresh water) to the rest of the world?

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Watch YouTube Video With Android-Style Multitasking [Chrome]

YouTube has come a long way, and now it’s arguably the single greatest source of content on the web. A person can get by just fine by tossing out their TV, cutting the cord, and spending countless hours perusing various YouTube channels. Unfortunately, there’s a downside. Browsing the site typically consists of hopping between multiple tabs, otherwise you’re stuck watching a video to completion before you can check out other things.

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Google Now World’s Most Valuable Company

This just in: Google has become the richest and most valuable company out of any company in the world!  Considering their competition, this has been no easy task! 
Milward Brown, Global Market Research agency, stated that the brand value of Google has shot up nearly 40% in just one year and is worth $158.84 billion.  Even Apple cant compete.  They are only worth a measly $148 billion and are on a 20% decline.  After overtaking IBM last year, Google has been steadily climbing the ladder!

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You Can Now Use Hangouts With Outlook


The popularity of Google Apps, especially in the workplace and in schools, is on the rise. Many businesses have found that Google Apps provides a simple solution to employee collaboration and communication. However, not every business uses Gmail for their email provider, and the fact remains that many businesses still use Microsoft Outlook to take care of all of their email needs.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Banned By Chinese Government

In a move that caught Microsoft offguard, the Chinese government has issued a notice that  agencies are to forego purchasing Windows 8 and installing the software on any new government devices. The notice that was officially sent out is titled “Agreement to supply information about the class of energy-saving products complement the mandatory tender notice“.

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Easily Speed Up Chrome On Your Android Device With This Simple Trick

Web browsing is undoubtedly one of the most used features of smartphones, and if you use an Android device there’s a good chance that you use Google Chrome for all your web needs. But anyone who extensively uses the app will know that over time the app can really slow down, especially if all your open tabs contain plenty of images or are otherwise content-heavy. This should not happen if you’re using one of those top-of-the-range Android smartphones, but alas, it sometimes does.
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iPhone 6 Leaked Images


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How to Convert Documents to PDF Within Firefox

Working with different file types – and converting them – is no doubt a task that requires a lot of time and resources. For example, to convert documents to PDF format, the user needs to spend some time figuring out how it works with a certain software.

Luckily, for Firefox users, an add-on called Soda PDF now allows one to convert document files into PDF within Firefox, all in the cloud. This makes file conversion (specifically for PDF) a task that’s easier to do and is even possible without installing any new software.

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Hidden Secret Codes for Android Phones

One of the most common practices amongst today’s software developers is to leave certain kind of “backdoors” within operating systems. These “backdoors” essentially allow any users with sufficient knowledge to get into the system at a much deeper level than you’d expect from normal users. These backdoors aren’t always meant to be used for malicious intent, as they allow programmers to get into the system for troubleshooting when other usual access modes have been blocked. And to developers, they can be quite friendly and helpful if you know what you’re doing.

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Windows 9 Preview To Come in Q2-Q3 2015

It might very well be only a rumor, but where there is smoke, there’s fire; and what we’re hearing is that the next version of Windows, Windows 9, is already in the works. That’s only logical, as it does take Microsoft a while to get their things together, in spite of erstwhile Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer saying that rapid deployment of their products is integral to their success.

So, while the company is still “forcing” people to update to Windows 8.1, even pushing back the initial deadline it set for updating, rumors about Windows 9 are already starting to make the rounds.

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How to “Green Up” Your Devices

Whether you’re looking to feel a little less guilty about poking at Mother Nature or you want to cut down on your electric bill (or both), it’s probably a good first step to green up the devices in your home that you have the most direct control of. You don’t even have to sacrifice a lot to get your devices into the green spirit. I’ll show you how you can do this and make it work in a way that will not demand a complete change of lifestyle!

Greening Your PC

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Big List of Tools and Services to Help You Read Everything Faster

Refresh your Twitter, pull down your facebook news feed, visit your favorite sites, and find yourself overwhelmed by the neverending stream of information.

This overdose of information has made it hard for us to keep track of everything. What to do then? The answer is “speed reading“. Over the last few weeks, several online services and mobile applications have popped up that allow users to read twice, even thrice the amount of content in half the time.

Using these tools, you’ll be able to read your emails, articles on the Web, eBooks etc. in a lot less amount of time. We took some of these speed reading tools out for a spin Listed below, you will find the ones that we think are worth your time.


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How Useful Are Waterproof Smartphones?

Just recently my toddler managed to get hold of my smartphone and quick as a flash it was being held over a rather large bucket of water. At first I was rooted to the spot, frightened that any sudden movement would cause my little “angel” to let go. Thankfully her attention was diverted by the promise of some grapes in exchange for the phone and disaster was averted.

Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation; perhaps you haven’t been as fortunate and you have accidentally submerged your smartphone in a bucket of water, a swimming pool or even worse toilet water. If you have then I hope you heeded our advice on what to do in such a situation. Sony on the other hand has an alternative option for you – buy a waterproof smartphone. Of course its recommendation involves its very own Xperia line of handsets but the following infographic provides some amusing stats and information on why opting for a waterproof smartphone or tablet could be the best thing you ever do, especially if you are accident prone, are inseparable from your phone or like me, just have little ones that are ready to get their hands on your electronic devices at every opportunity.

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How Far Are We From Holographic Technology?

For years, display manufacturers have been making changes ranging from monumental to modest in the way that they present images. We’ve all grown familiar with the flat screen, which in its nascent days was a significantly high-tech innovation way in front of the old curved CRTs. Adding 3D into the mix excited some people and had many disappointed with its shortcomings. However, as the world of screens starts getting more interesting (with concave curved displays, 4K resolution, and several other panel innovations) it’s time to start thinking about how far we are from achieving a viable mass-production model for holographic technology. Will we even ever reach that point? Let’s speculate!

Defining “Holographic”

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Microsoft Backtracks Again, Pushes Back Windows 8.1 Update Deadline

About a month ago, Microsoft released Windows 8.1 update. Users who had automatic update enabled didn’t have to do a thing, but those who didn’t have that setting were very strongly “urged” to update their machines. In fact, when the update was announced, the team behind it were quite upfront about the necessity of Windows 8.1 update.

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How to Restore the Stock ROM on Samsung Devices [Android]

Have you flashed a custom ROM on your Android device that you do not like anymore? Do you want to flash back the original, or in other words, stock ROM on your device? If so, our tutorial below should help you. Fortunately, there are a number of websites that provide the Samsung stock ROMs that you can flash on your device and get it back to its original state. Flashing back the stock ROM also helps you resolve any issues that you might be facing with your current ROM.

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Import Email From Other Services to Outlook.com Using IMAP

Microsoft’s email service was been founded back in 1996, branded as Hotmail. It was one of the world’s first email services and over the years has seen its name changed quite a bit. Now, with Outlook.com, it seems that Microsoft has hit the jackpot with an email service that manages to compete with other email giants such as Gmail.

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How to Record the Screen on Your Mac

There are various reasons for recording the screen on your Mac. Maybe you are writing a detailed step-by-step guide that needs a video tutorial, or maybe you just want to show something to your friends by recording your screen. Either way, you are going to be needing some sort of tools you can use to capture your screen. Fortunately, Mac comes with a built-in tool that helps you accomplish your task. While there may be some other choices on the market to get your job done, the one that comes with your machine is just a perfect tool with all of the features you will ever need.

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Things to Consider Before Taking Your Devices Overseas

When you’re going on a trip, you often get so caught up in the excitement of getting to your destination that you often forget to protect what’s nearest and dearest in the best fashion possible. Family comes first, but don’t forget about your devices! Chances are you can’t readily buy another smartphone at a simple whim. And if you lose one of your personal devices, you’re not only losing the hardware, but you’re also losing your data. This catastrophe can be somewhat mitigated if you make sure you have made certain preparations before taking your devices to a foreign land.

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How to Remove the Account Picture from Your OS X User Account

The main advantage of using separate OS X accounts for different users is it allows you to keep your personal files, data, settings, etc. separate from other users. Most people use their names as usernames for each account, but some also take the additional advantage of choosing a different account picture for each OS X account.

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How to Start a Software Company in India

Previously, software companies in India mainly included subsidiaries of multinational organizations. Startup software organizations in the country followed the growth of the IT industry. Entrepreneurs and institutions seeking to start a software company in India need to follow several requirements and procedures, which are dictated by India's enterprise regulations, including provisions on business endeavors within the IT sector. Other requirements may depend on the business' scale and range of services.

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How to Dual Boot Ubuntu and Fedora

The multitude of different Linux distributions available is simultaneously the operating system’s greatest strength and its greatest weakness. It is a strength because it offers users choice, diversity and freedom. It is a weakness as there is no standard distribution, which means that the same software needs to be compiled and packaged multiple times, once for each of the major distributions. Plus it leads to fragmentation which is probably the main reason Linux has not dominated on the desktop.

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