ClickStick: The First Smart Deodorant

I do realize we live in an era where seemingly everything is becoming “smarter”. Think about it – our tv’s, our phones, our coffee makers – even our vehicles are becoming more intelligent before our very eyes. For some of those things, the smart upgrade was no big surprise to me. But do you know what “smart” device has completely taken me by surprise? Smart deodorant. We need a smart deodorant? That was my reaction too. Apparently so, because a couple of students from Princeton have developed ClickStick – what they claim as the world’s first smart deodorant stick.

So, just how is this ClickStick smart? Well, for one it pairs with a smartphone app to tell you just how much deodorant you need. (I didn’t realize there was a formula. Did you?) ClickStick also has a button (hence part of the “click”) that you push when you’re ready to apply the deodorant, and it releases the exact amount you need for your armpits. The deodorant cartridges are also refillable, thus saving that much more space in the trash can and in landfills. Lastly, the ClickStick glows in the dark for whatever reason. They also claim it will lower the risk of making a mess on your shirt since the deodorant only comes out when you push the button.

It’s currently in a Kickstarter campaign, and as of this writing has raised $19,426 of their $55,000 goal with 47 days to go.

What do you think? Will smart toothpaste and/or toilet paper be next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!