Xbox One Unboxed in Microsoft Video

Three months ahead of a scheduled November release at a yet unconfirmed date, the next-generation console Xbox One was officially unwrapped in a Microsoft video.
The three and a half minute Xbox One unboxed video showcases every accessory that the new console will be accompanied by and in a surprise twist reveals that the package will include a headset, despite initial reports that it wouldn’t.

The Day One edition unwrapped in the video is one of the very few that exist, Microsoft said. The Day One packaging includes a digital achievement system and a unique controller with chrome D-pad.

The unboxed Xbox package features the 853 mHz GPU Microsoft announced recently and all the expected specifications, including the 500GB hard drive, and IR blaster port, a slot load Bluray drive, three USB 3.0 ports, a Kensington Security Slot, HDMI input and output connectors.

For the first time, the Xbox will come with a HDMI cable, which according to Microsoft is a Category 2 rated for 1080p, 4K and 3D resolutions. The new Kinect will feature a 1080p camera, IR blasting functionality and an array of four microphones.

More interestingly, the next generation console will also give users the ability to switch their controller to wired mode if they run out of batteries. The controller will be connected to the console through a micro-USB cord, which can also be used for the Play and Charge kit to power up rechargeable batteries.

The most surprising element of the video was however the fact that both the Day One and the Standard editions of the Xbox One will come with a headset, although it was initially reported that the headset would be sold separately for $20-$30.

The video says that the Xbox One headset can provide three times the sampling rate of the previous console, the Xbox 360. The headset weighs only 44 grams and is also equipped with a rotating microphone and a padded earpiece that fits both the left and the right ear.

The headset inclusion shows once again that Microsoft is really keen on turning the tides in its favor and on regaining fans’ attention. And it seems like they’re pulling it off, as they have already withdrawn their controversial DRM policies and reconsidered their stance on allowing independent publishing.

It remains to be seen if this will be enough to convince gamers. The Xbox One retails for $500 and will be out in November. Its biggest rival, Sony’s PlayStation 4 costs $400 and will be released this holiday season.