Liquipel Skins: Impact Protection for your Smartphone

No doubt you are like most people today, your constant companion may not be human (and no I’m not talking about your dog), your mobile phone is your sidekick which helps you out and never leaves your side no matter where you are or what you are doing.
Because we handle our phones more and more, the probability of dropping it becomes increased.  In fact, every smartphone that comes onto the market is given a drop test, to see how much damage there is to the phone when dropped from different heights and angles, with emphasis on the glass display.

 Dropping your smartphone in water, whether that be it the toilet, a puddle or indeed a swimming pool, or maybe even spilling your coffee on it is becoming an everyday occurrence and for that problem you can spend $60 and have those lovely people over at Liquipel coat and protect selected devices, with the most popular manufacturers models, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and Motorola currently being covered.
That is great for liquids, but what about protection when you drop your phone; we need impact protection! what do you do if for some strange reason you do not have a case?  Now Liquipel has just announced a new product called “Skins,” a $15 treatment of “high-impact film” that will help dissipate the force of an impact that can lead to the display being shattered and can also prevent scratches on the device.
Liquipel Skins are created in a four-layer process and act as literal shock absorbers whilst also maintaining a smooth, glass-like surface. The film itself is a hybrid mixture of many of the top components which are found within other protective materials. The top layer is an incredibly durable polyurethane, which stems from military uses. To complement this abrasion resistance, there is another layer that increases the strength and rigidity necessary to keep the corners from peeling.

 Liquipel claims that with both technologies applied to your device, you can pretty much do what you want to, whether that be camping, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, etc. without fear of damage to your device and this would be really useful. (I remember hiking a few years back and smashed the screen of my Palm Trio).  The full-body coverage skins are currently available on Liquipel’s website for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 4S and 5 with other models being released in future months.