Has The Motorola Moto X Fallen Flat?

I suppose that it really is too soon to give the verdict on the Moto X. After all, it hasn’t been more than a week since Motorola’s new smartphone was announced. While the select few have been given a better view of the Moto X, the general public still has to wait to actually get our hands on it – late August or early September in the US only. Based on vicarious experience, though, is it right to say that the Moto X has fallen flat?

Expectations were high, prior to its reveal; and we all know what can happen when expectations soar: they usually are not met.
In the case of the Moto X, it seems that in spite of the idea that Motorola wanted to come up with a device that would rival the iPhone and its counterparts, the end product just does not have enough to get tech lovers excited. Sure, there was the buzz before the unveiling, but now, whines are all I hear/read.

What’s the whining all about?
The Moto X has 312 ppi. Compare that to 441 ppi on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and 326 ppi for the iPhone 5. Not much of a competition there, yes? While it can be argued that that pixel density is good enough, it is definitely not mindblowing.
Expectations were set to the Moto X running on the latest Android version. After all, it is a Google phone! Alas, those expectations are not going to be met, as the phone is going to run on Android 4.2.2. Again, not such a bad thing, but something that does not make sense.

The silver lining
It’s not all bad, really. Customization is what the Moto X is all about, and aside from software features, it gives users freedom to change the colors of the phone – front, back, and parts. It’s reminiscent of Nokia’s 3210 back in the day…
There is also this always on, listening mode, which allows the phone to respond to your voice – no need to use your hands.
Let’s be honest, though, is this all that Google/Motorola can bring to the table at this point?