A Quick Comparison Of Chromecast & AirPlay

The television has been around since anyone can remember, and it certainly is one of those things that manufacturers, marketers, and content producers want to exploit. After all, everyone watches TV, right? Google has not left this niche alone and has, in fact, tested the waters in the past. Its new foray into the scene, however, might just be its secret sauce.

Enter Chromecast, the thing that everyone has been talking about in very recent times.

So what’s all the fuss about the Chromecast anyway?
If you look at it, the Chromecast is a diminutive thing. It’s just like a USB stick which you can find practically anywhere. The brilliant thing about it is that when you connect it to your TV, you can stream practically anything from practically any device – tablets, smartphones, and computers. Better yet, it can stream from Apple devices, too! Oh, and did I mention that it’s only $35?

But AirPlay can do the same!
That is true, and more so, it is built into every iPhone and iPad – and the new Macs, too. Another thing going for AirPlay is that it has been around for quite some time, and users are already comfortable with it. That is, if you’re a Mac user.
If you haven’t bought into the awesomeness that is Mac, then you might not be too concerned about comparing Chromecast and AirPlay, else, there is something about Chromecast that might get you interested.

Chromecast versus AirPlay
There is the price, of course, which Chromecast wins by miles.
How about UI? AirPlay taps into the power of iOS design, and in this, it gets the better of Google’s new product.
Content? With AirPlay being available for a while now, it is compatible (and integrated) in many other apps and platforms. This is an area where Google has to catch up with, but the idea of being able to stream from Chrome just might give it a boost.

The bottom line
If you’re open to new technology, then Chromecast presents a very viable option. In the meantime, AirPlay still holds the upper hand, but there is no guarantee it will stay that way.