Time to Say Goodbye to Windows XP

We’ve all been Windows users at some point. Even many hardcore Mac users today probably have a strong history with the much maligned operating system. One thing that everyone will probably agree with is this: Windows XP is one of the best operating systems that Microsoft has served us consumers. And now, it is time to say goodbye to Windows XP.

It’s official. Support for Windows XP is ending on the 8th of August 2014. As is the norm with these things, users are given ample time to make the switch if necessary. For individual users, this should be an easy fix. The chances are you’re using Windows 8 already anyway.
For businesses, though, especially the small to medium sized ones, the one-year breathing space might be more than necessary. After all, it’s not only about changing operating systems. Hardware upgrades and new purchases may also be called for. Then there’s the learning curve to get used to the changes.

Of course, one may opt to stick with Windows XP till their device dies on them. Microsoft is not stopping anyone from doing that, but without support for the software, it’s very much akin to having a car for which you can’t buy parts anymore.  At the end of the day, you might as well make it easier on you then, by saying goodbye to Windows XP.
It is worth noting, though, that Microsoft has not scrimped on its efforts to convince people to stop using XP. In fact, they released an infographic wishing XP a happy retirement, urging people to upgrade to Windows 8. Considering the fact that 37.7 percent of PCs in the world are still running on Windows XP, Microsoft’s efforts are justified.