Hyetis Crossbow Smartwatch with 41MP Camera

Smartwatches are virtually everywhere these days, so in such a crowded market, it’s pretty difficult for any newcomer to get noticed. The Crossbow smartwatch from Swiss manufacturers Hyetis, however, is unlikely to have this problem.
The Hyetis smartwatch boasts some very impressive features and a stunning design that combines today’s taste for tech with a 1970s retro look. But the most amazing part of the whole ensemble is undoubtedly its 41 megapixel camera.

The Crossbow is a blend of Swiss watch making tradition and state-of-the-art digital technology. The timepiece is equipped with an automatic movement system meant to ensure the fact that it will always tell the time with high accuracy.
In terms of smart features, Hyetis equipped the gadget with everything a good smartwatch needs: it can connect with smartphones that run iOS, Android and Windows, and is equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC.

Most impressively, the Hyetis Crossbow smartwatch has an integrated 41 megapixel camera with and optical zoom lens. This, together with the integrated high-res microphone with noise suppression, will allow the wearers to shoot sharp images and videos, which they can then share to a smartphone.
The Hyetis smartwatch will also be equipped with various environmental sensors such as thermometer, light meter, barometer and altimeter, whose readings can also be delivered to a smartphone. An interchangeable strap will feature biometric sensors that can be used to monitor health markers, the company said without offering any other details.

Housed by a 46mm case of fifth grade titanium with a high resolution display, touch sensitive bezel and sapphire glass, the Crossbow is also waterproof and according to its makers, it can work very well even 820 feet underwater.

The Hyetis Crossbow is not completely finalized and the company is first launching a limited run of 500 pieces, currently available for pre-order. As you expect, this smartwatch will come with quite a large price tag, the early bird price being $1,200. The Crossbow smartwatch will start shipping at the end of the year.