VLC Player Tricks

You can use VLC not only as player it has multitasking player, Its acts as player, Video convertor, puzzle Game.

Play “Jigsaw Puzzle” Game in VLC

1) Play any video with vlc player.

2) Goto Tools >> Effects & Filters >>Video Effects >> Geometry >> Enable Puzzle Game >> Select number of columns and rows on screen.

3) Now see the effect.

Do you want To Record Videos

1) Goto View >> Advanced Control.

2) Select Record option just above play and pause

Play RAR Files

1) VLC allows to play videos which are zipped in RAR files. If the rar file is split into several files then load the first part (part 1.rar) and it’ll automatically take the rest of the parts and you can play whole video.

Note: All parts must be in same directory that mean either C:,D:,E:,F: or G:

Play in ASCII Mode

1) Goto Tools >> Preferences.

2) Select ‘VIDEO’ and in ‘OUTPUT’ section, select ‘COLOR ASCII ART VIDEO OUTPUT’.

3) Save and play & feel the changes.

Convert Formats Of Audios & Videos

1) Go to Media >> Convert/Save.

2) Select the file by clicking on ADD button & click on Convert/save.

3) Now Select the output format and directory.