Autographer: The Wearable Camera

There is a new kid on the block and he’s only small, very small, but really interesting and the makers of the Autographer had this in mind when they created this tiny piece of kit.
OMG Life, the company behind it, have realised, in a world where you wish you were always carrying a decent camera in your pocket, but may not have the skills and pockets large enough to photograph things 24/7  -You need a solution and the Autographer camera is designed to solve that problem by making photography a process of look back and see, rather than, hold still and look at the camera.  On its website OMG Life highlight a number of use cases and genuinely superb images have been captured with the device.

The camera itself, which looks very basic, but attractive, uses a set of on-board sensors (colour,motion and acceleration temperature and magnetometer,) to decide when to take a photo.  As long as you’ve turned it on and rotated the lens cap open, it will carry on doing so all day, as long as the battery holds out, which is quite considerable.  Alongside the images the Autographer captures time and GPS data and once plugged in via micro USB or connected via Bluetooth, it presents all the pictures into easy-to-manage groups, with a dedicated app for either Windows, MAC or  iOS.  You can then export these images either as individual shots, videos or GIFs and of course share these at your leisure. The images themselves aren’t always spectacular as the the five-megapixel camera uses a fish-eye lens which captures 8GB worth of 136-degree pictures but often results in blurry and or
washed-out or overly-white images. It is not every picture you take with it that makes this device worth it value, it is however, the one in a hundred image that you didn’t know you wanted and had forgotten happened, that comes to light afterwards and that makes Autographer a really nifty piece of kit.

Privacy Issues?
The question on our lips is what about peoples privacy?  OMG Life say that they have attempted to address these privacy concerns in the hardware and the nature of the device, such as, giving the device a  yellow lens ring and a notification blink light.  But the fact is this: the Autographer is an unassuming, black, small camera with which people aren’t familiar, and won’t notice it.  OMG Life say that individual responsibility is key aside from the fact that  individuals lacking in responsibility can use the Autographer just as easily as anyone else, this does open up genuine privacy concerns.  OMG Life’s website does a good job of suggesting places you might want to use the Autographer.   As it stands, the Autographer is a useable, attractive device which has a high price tag and is let down by patchy picture quality and relative lack of custom options for where and when it takes images.

At £399, it is slightly expensive, but, it does have good potential to be used in very creative ways.  Let’s just hope it is used in that way and not in manner worthy of a jail term