Google to Supply WiFi At Starbucks

United States telecommunications provider AT&T, has been supplying WiFi to Starbucks coffee house locations in the United States of America for years.  But, sadly for them, all that is about to change though, as Internet supremo Google have recently announced that it will be the company that provides WiFi connectivity to Starbucks customers across the coffee chain’s 7,000 locations in the USA.

Google is aiming for a faster, free WiFi connection at Starbucks stores over the next 18 month period, taking us into 2015. Specifically, the search engine giant is promising coffee drinkers speeds that are ten times faster than before. Those in Google Fiber cities stand to gain the most out of their visit for a quick caffeine rush, as if you are lucky enough to live in one, you can look forward to a connection that is up to a hundred times faster (now that is a rush!)
Google’s General Manager of Google Access, Kevin Lo, said recently “Google has long invested in helping the Internet grow stronger, including projects to make Internet access speedier, more affordable, and more widely available…The free Internet connection at Starbucks has become an important part of many communities over the years, such as in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, or for students without Internet at home who do their homework at Starbucks.”

The roll out starts next month, in September, but customers should see a ‘Google Starbucks’ SSID after trying to connect, once Google internet arrives at their location. There has been no news whatsoever, so far, regarding an explanation as to why AT&T is no longer the service provider for WiFi at Starbucks locations, but we will keep you up to date if we hear anything.