Holho Turns Your Phone into Hologram Projector

From Star Trek to Star Wars and beyond, there is one thing that cannot go missing from virtually any science fiction movie: a life-size moving hologram. While we are still a long way from building a real Holodeck, this little gadget called Holho is nonetheless an impressive hologram generator.
Holho, currently on Kickstarter, can be regarded as a more technologically advanced version of optical illusion gadgets that use two parabolic mirrors to project a 3D image of an object.

But Texas-based manufacturers Imagination Farm USA took Holho beyond that and designed a piece of technology that can play video holograms. And it does that by transforming your smartphone or tablet into a 3D hologram projector.

This hologram generator uses a set of mirrors to produce a moving 3D image of a video your run on your smart device, with the help of a special app. Holho will be available in several versions, from a simple one that generates a frontal projection to a four-sided pyramid that generates a complex 3D image which can be viewed from any angle.

The simplest version is called Holho Naked, designed especially for 10 inch tablets. It creates its frontal projection with the help of a fold-up mirror that can be used as a case for the tablet. The Holho Zed functions in a similar fashion, the only difference being that the tablet is placed at the top and projects the image on a tilted transparent screen.

A more complex version of the 3D hologram projector is the Holho Three-Face Pyramid which is exactly what its name says. This version uses the special Holho app to generate the hologram and is designed specifically for product display or commercial use.
But the most impressive of the lot is undoubtedly the Holho Full Pyramid. The gadget is made of a four-angled mirror with an inverted base sized for tablets and smartphones. The Holho app generates four images and projects them beneath the mirrors, creating a full motion 3D video that can be viewed from any angle. There are several videos already available and the app can be easily used to create more.

Developers are planning to raise $58,000 on Kickstarter, until the crowdfunding campaign ends on September 24. Backers can get their own Holho Full Pyramid with a free video for as little as $28. The special app costs $20 and more videos can be added for $10/each.
What do you think of the Holho? For the time being, it just seems to be a fun thing to have and a neat trick party. But what uses could this technology have in the future?