Google Say: Cut Your Website’s Load Time To Below 2 Seconds

In this day and age time is of the essence, especially when it comes to browsing the Internet. We all want if not need the loading times to be quick. For the desktop, load times have dramatically improved over the years, however it is a different story when it comes to mobiles.

Google have carried out some research and discovered that the average mobile browser page takes 7 seconds to load. It feels that anything lasting over a second breaks a user’s flow. This is made worse with the mobile internet access being unstable and unreliable. So its advice is: cut your website’s load time to below two seconds, or face the consequences.

There are some pratical points to Google’s call for optimization. For example, developers should be allowing the first section of the web page to load smoothly while the rest of the page continues to load over time. It also recommends to avoid excessive redirects and bloated data that requires multiple roundtrips to render a page.

To help developers improve the speed of webpages, Google have updated the PageSpeed Insights tool. It can accurately time the load speed of websites across a number of platforms, show how it all appears on mobile and give optimization suggestions.

Hopefully these tips from Google will save us all alot of frustration and save us some more of our valuable time