3.5GB of PlayStation 4 RAM Reserved for OS?

Almost half of Sony’s PlayStation 4 RAM memory will be reserved for the operating system, according to press reports. The gaming system will reserve 3.5GB of its 8GB RAM for the OS, which will leave 4.5GB available for games.
A report on Digital Foundry also said initially that an extra 1GB of flexible memory will be available for PlayStation 4 games next to the 4.5GB, but only if the console’s operating system would be able to function without that 1GB. Other sources later told the publication that the flexible memory would actually be 512MB.

 Sony has neither confirmed nor denied the figure yet, but only commented on the reports to clarify the situation of direct and flexible memory systems. The company said the reports erroneously suggested that the flexible memory would be borrowed from the operating system and returned when requested.
In fact, Sony said, the flexible memory would just be managed by the OS on behalf of the game, it would belong to the game 100% and would never be used by the operating system. Direct memory is the memory allocated to a game according to the traditional gaming model, the company added. “We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for,” Sony also said.
Digital Foundry also reported that the 3.5GB of memory for OS could actually be reduced once work on the system is complete. Much of the allocated space is designed to support new PS4 system features such as switching between applications, live swapping of games, being able to pause and resume games and others. PS4’s rival, Microsoft’s Xbox One will reserve 3GB of RAM for its OS.

PS Vita role as controller clarified
Meanwhile, it was confirmed that the PlayStation Vita will work as a controller for PS4 only on selected games. The confirmation came from Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment president of Worldwide Studios, on Twitter.
Asked about the PlayStation Vita, Yoshida explained that the Vita will work as a controller only for games specifically programmed to allow the use of the handheld device. Nevertheless, the PS Vita handheld console will still be able to run all the games specifically developed for the PS4.
The PS4 will launch this holiday season and will retail for $399. What do you think of the PlayStation 4 RAM allocation? Is 3.5GB too much for the OS? Is 4.5GB too little for games?