Google Chrome Developers Summit Coming in November

Last week, Google announced that they are going to hold a two-day event for Web developers known as the Chrome Dev Summit.  At this event they will discuss new API’s, performance tips, Blink and multi-device workflows with Google Chrome engineers.
It is, in all essence, Google I/O specifically designed for Chrome.  Maybe the upshot of this will be Google I/O will be more Android centred than Chrome? Or perhaps Android might get its own Developers conference, of sorts, at the start of the year and then have Google I/O in the middle of the year and Chrome Dev summit at the end?  Your guess is as good as mine!  This Dev summit is going to be held on November 20th and 21st and  it will be live streamed from their headquarters in Mountain View, on YouTube. We are not expecting any new news to come out of this event, other than new API’s from developers. But we will be keeping our eyes and ears open to see what goes down during the Chrome Dev Summit this coming November.

 Currently, Google is asking developers that are interested, to take a seven-question survey on Google Docs and to join a Google+ community.  At this time registration is not an open affair, but we will be sure to keep our eyes peeled and find out when it does become such and let you know.  There is likely to be news about Chrome as well as Chrome OS discussed during this summit however, but as always, it speculation until it transpires (but it is looking likely).  We may see some updates for both the browser and OS after the summit has finished? As always, we will bring you whatever news the breaks out of this summit from Mountain View as it happens.