New iPhone to be Unveiled on September 10

I bet September 10 is already marked red in your calendar. If you’re an Apple fan, that is. The Internet is ablaze with the news that Apple is going to unveil the new iPhone on September 10, and we all know what that means: conjectures, rumors, “confirmed” details, and so on. No doubt about it, September 10 is a the (next) big day for Apple fans, but what should we expect from it – realistically?

The source of this “exciting” (depends on your perspective, of course) news is All Things D, where Ina Fried made Apple fans’ weekend by telling us to “circle Sept. 10″.

One thing is for sure – as sure as we can be about these things, at least: the Apple September 10 event is going to be about the next iteration of the iPhone.

It is about that time for Apple to come out with a new generation iPhone, so that’s pretty much a no brainer. Of course, rumors about the features of the new iPhone are contestable, and those are the things that keep the discussion going.

Are we going to see a fingerprint sensor? What’s it going to be like with iOS 7? (We’ve had a taste of the new OS, obviously.)

Another interesting thing that people are looking forward to during that Apple September 10 event are the cheap iPhones. You know, the colored ones made of plastic… (Go click, if you want to know what I think about that.)

In any case, the rumors have been strong and loud, and during the Apple September 10 event, we will find out if there’s any truth to those rumors.

We have a little less than a month to go before this big day for Apple fans, but we can rest assured that the rumor mill will not stop churning out tidbits. From the average user to the Apple stockholder – individuals are certainly holding their breaths to sate their curiosity. I think that includes myself.