3D Printed Gun Shoots 14 Times Before Breaking

The debate over 3D printed guns is about to start all over again, as a Canadian has come up with a weapon that does not break after use.
A Canadian who only wants to be known as “Matthew”, has already printed the one-shot-and-its-dead 3D printed gun and posted videos of his achievements on YouTube. The weapon he has created is known as the “Grizzly 2.0″ and his latest video shows him firing the gun.

There is some controversy over the video though and doubts as to whether it is genuine. For example, every time the weapon is loaded, the barrel is always taken out off frame. Surely showing this clearly in the video would be a better demonstration of the functionality of the weapon?
It has also been noted that there is a lack of smoke. Some may think that glare in the background could have prevented us seeing the smoke but if you are going to go to all the trouble of filming your
new invention, then it would sense that you would want the setting to be perfect.
There is a description that goes with the video, saying that the ammunition used is a Winchester Dynapoint. This model is easy to find online and looks like what is being used in the film.

Whatever arguements people want to raise with this new video, it has to be said that the weapon still does not function properly; the barrel split after the 14th shot.
However “Matthew” gave credit to his backers when he said, “Special Thanks to those who donated for materials costs. Files will be available for download shortly.”