Amazon Android Based Console On The Horizon?

Are Amazon developing an Android-based console for release later this year? GameInformer is reporting that multiple sources have come forward to them revealing that Amazon is indeed developing an Android-powered games console.

Packaged with its very own controller, this Amazon Box would increase leverage to an already substantial framework that the company has built for its own mobile devices, such as the Kindle Fire. Where other Android powered gaming platforms like the Ouya and GameStick have found a niche market, Amazon has the financial backing and global infrastructure to heavily impact the industry.

Think about this; Amazon already runs a comparable service to Apple’s iOS, which offers daily free software titles and sales, now think about Amazon bringing that initiative to a growing market. The question that they face, which is also the greatest risk, is whether platforms like the OUYA are not finding massive success either due to the market not being big enough, or due to an insufficient product. If this rumour proves true to form, Amazon is betting on the fact that they can create something of high quality and that there are a large number of people out there in the gaming world who would part with their hard earned cash.

You must, however, keep in mind this is total rumour and that it is coming from anonymous sources. It seems like GameInformer is posting these sorts of reports on a daily basis.  It is however, theoretically possible for Amazon to take this risk.  That being said, Amazon would have to pull out all the stops to convince me buy another gaming console.  But, if anyone could do it, it would be a company like Amazon.  The rumours say the console will be released later this year, in all likelihood prior to Black Friday. Keep your eyes and ears open folks!