Public WiFi – Dangers and Security Measures

In many places, people are using public WiFi to get internet access. Well this is a good thing, but the bad part is that most of these public users are unaware of the fact that their data and connection is not safe on these public WiFi networks. People using such WiFi network are open for identity theft, hacking, and other such fraud activities. 
And the worst part is, most of the people are not using safety measures to keep their connection secure while sending emails, banking account details etc. 
In this post, I will discuss some dangers of public WiFi networks as well as tips on how to keep your connection secure in such open networks

Dangers of using Public WiFi networks

  • WiFi Sniffing - This is a way of getting access to someone else’s system access over WiFi network. Any person can be a WiFi sniffer, as it only needs to download some free sniffing app on their device. And through these tools, anyone can access your data over public WiFi.
  • Fake WiFi Networks - Sometime attackers create WiFI hotspots and provide access to public. When people access such networks, their data and other account details are captured by the hidden attackers behind these WiFI networks.
  • Who are in real danger -These days, with advancement of mobile computing, more and more people are using WiFi hotspots for sharing internet access. Different public group are using such open, un-secure WiFi networks for various reasons and usages.
Here is a little brief of facts about these public WiFi users.
  • A large group of people are using WiFi hotspots for sending and receiving various types of emails. If these emails are for business purpose, these open networks might cause serious issues for such people.
  • Social Networking - Around 55% of internet users over these WiFi networks are those who prefer to access social networks. If such people share their information regarding accounts, address or other personal details, then they might be the victim of identity theft.
  • Online transactions - Around 15% of users over these un-protected networks are making various transactions such as online shopping, money transfer etc. These types of users are in real danger, as their bank accounts may be hacked causing financial loss.
Most of the users are unaware of the risks of these open networks, while some others are not concerned with these issues.

Security Measures while using Public WiFi

Getting safe over these open WiFi networks is not much difficult. You only need to put little efforts to make your connection secure. Here are some ways to secure your hotspot network.

  • Good and updated Antivirus - You must use updated antivirus software, so that your online browsing can be secured and you can be safe from malicious websites and un-trusted online applications.
  • Using Firewall - A good firewall application promises to make your internet access secure and safe. Around 40% of users who are aware of security risks, uses firewalls to make their connection secure.
  • Creating Virtual Private Network - Some advanced users, around 12% of total group are using VPN to make their connection even more secure and private. This way they are able to access internet anonymously and can stay safe.