5 Reasons To Use A Website Builder

If you don’t have a personal website, but you’re dreaming about launching one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I’m going to list and describe the benefits of using the most convenient site building tools - online website builders. As for me, these platforms are the very definition of innovation in the technology domain, as they offer everything you need to build a professional-looking website in one place.

When I’m asked which is the easiest and the most cost-efficient way to build a website, I always recommend website builders. And this is due to the following reasons:

1.) They Are Easy-to-Use:


Convenience is probably the strongest side of modern website builders. Most of them feature very user-friendly CMS based on drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG editing principles. These allow you to see how your website will look like when live (even on the smartphones and tablets). This is to say that anyone is capable of building a website there, regardless of the HTML knowledge level. Below is a screenshot of Zoho Sites web design suite depicting their intuitive WYSIWYG editor.


2.) They Offer Advanced Website Building Tools:


 Website builders are by no means inferior to other methods of webmastering. Their scope of features runs the gamut from smart widgets to QR-code generators. What’s more - most of these features are available within their absolutely free packages (in most cases you ‘pay’ just by displaying the system’s copyright on your pages). A good example of a functional website builder is uCoz web design platform. Their free package amazes: ability to attach a previously purchased domain, ability to generate a custom email, extended statistics, technical support, etc.


 3.) They Let You Start Your Own Business:


Not only do site constructors help you taking your current business online, but they also help you set up a new enterprise. Webydo web design suite, for instance, offers a very smart content management system allowing web designers to manage multiple websites and clients. With their unparalleled CMS you’ll be able to adjust permission settings and add collaborators enabling your clients to upload and edit their website content easily, without messing up design.


4.) They Are Cost-Efficient:


Building a website on a SaaS (software as a service) platform is far more cheaper than the alternatives: assembling a website piece by piece yourself (hosting + domain + CMS + plugins + themes, etc.) or hiring developers and designers. In fact, website builders allow you to build a functioning website with $0 seed capital. But they also offer access to more advanced tools for extra fees. Take a look at Weebly web design platform pricing: everything’s transparent, straightforward and affordable:


5.) They Give You Freedom of Customization:


There are many misconceptions surrounding website builders, and one of the most popular is that on these platforms you’ll be limited to their default templates only. But is not true. On most platforms you can upload your own templates or modify the readymade designs with pixel accuracy. This feature is available on Squarespace web design platform within their Developer Plan, for example.