Intel Creates 10 Inch Education Tablet

World class chipmaker Intel, has introduced a ten-inch tablet reference design, which is made specifically for education purposes.  The device, is simply called ‘Intel Education tablet’ is based on an Atom chip and runs Android 4.0 operating system, it also comes preloaded with some Intel Education Software.  The Intel company hopes that its tablet design, which is to be delivered by local vendors, will enable collaborative learning and make the classroom environment a more exciting place to be.

Inside the Intel Education tablet is a dual-core Intel Atom Z2460 chip. The device features both front and rear facing cameras,will come with a stylus and sports integrated speakers and microphones to “bring interactive, multimedia content into learning”.  The screen of the device is equipped with shock-absorbers for those inevitable knocks, and it weighs only 680 grams.  The battery life is strong and will power the device for 6.5 hours, which should be  plenty of time to finish almost any educational tasks.
The additional software and learning tools accompanying the tablet include painting tools and accessories, an e-Reader, science, exploration and data analysis applications, a snap-on magnification lens and a plug-in thermal probe.  Intel’s educational software is not weak by any stretch of the imagination, as you will be able to see by  its Lab Camera, which can capture time-lapse imagery, serve as a microscope, and be set up with a motion trigger!  The ArtRage software allows to work with different effects including watercolour, ink pen, pencil and sticker spray, while the application  SPARKvue allows to analyse the world through the tablet’s built-in sensors.  For teachers, the company offers software to manage the tablet fleet, McAfee Mobile Security suite and something called ‘theft deterrent’ measures.  Intel already offers an Education tablet with a seven-inch screen, Atom Z2420 chip, Android 4.1 OS and nearly 8 hours of battery life, but it appears as though the company does not want to stop there as  John Galvin, vice president of Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of Intel Education informs us “ Intel remains committed to helping teachers and students achieve better results through the development of complete solutions that span the hardware, software and digital content required for a 21st century learning experience.”