Asus reportedly winding down support for Windows RT

Taiwan-based company Asus is reportedly the latest to dive off the good ship Windows RT after deciding that Microsoft's ARM-based operating system has one too many leaky holes.
Speaking to AllThingsD, Asus Chairman Jonney Shih labelled Windows RT, which powers mobile devices including Asus's own VivoTab RT and Microsoft's Surface RT, as "not very promising". He also pointed out that people aren't quite ready to ditch legacy Windows programs and criticised Microsoft's decision to leave off the 'missing' Start menu.
While he didn't rule out Asus putting out more Windows RT-powered devices in the future, he said the company will be focusing on making devices housing Intel chips powered by full-fat Windows 8, so we won't be betting on any appearing soon.
The company recently introduced the Transformer Book Trio, which gives users a choice between Windows 8 Pro and Android, and when asked about the company's plans for smaller eight-inch Windows tablets, Shih said that "the 10-inch may make much more sense".

Losing support

Asus isn't the only company to mull over winding down production of Windows RT devices. Samsung cut support earlier this year citing "weak demand", and HP scrapped plans to release RT-powered devices before the OS had even hit the shelves.
Microsoft recently reported a $900 million charge thanks to Surface RT inventory adjustments, with CEO Steve Ballmer admitting that the company had built "a few" too many Surface RT tablets.