Meet GlassUp: Your Google Glass Alternative

Google Glass has been getting a lot of hype, and rightly so. The era of wearable tech is dawning, and it is only to be expected that Google will lead the way in this regard. Of course, once the idea is out there, you can’t expect other innovative minds to join the fray and offer alternatives. That’s where GlassUp comes into the picture.

GlassUp is currently a project running on Indiegogo. It’s basically a potential Google Glass alternative, serving as a second screen for your smartphone. What are some practical uses of GlassUp? Here are a few.
Meet GlassUp: Your Google Glass Alternative
  • Emails, text messages, Facebook updates, tweets, RSS, calendar events, incoming calls
  • Breaking news, weather, stock exchange, sport results
  • Real time feedback display for running, biking, sailing, action sports
  • Turn by turn directions to riders (motorcycles, bikes,..)
  • Aid for hearing impaired
  • Translations display when talking in different languages
  • Patients’ body data to a surgeon
  • Instructions to workers in warehousing or maintenance
  • Teleprompter for public speaking
  • Subtitles at the movies (for hearing impaired and for different languages)
  • Details about works of art at a museum
  • Gaming
Those things are more than enough to get me interested, although to be honest, I am not quite convinced aesthetic-wise.

Still, the makers of GlassUp do offer tantalizing packages for backers of the campaign. For example, you can get a prescription version of the device. That was actually something I was asking about Google Glass – obviously for people like me who are blind without glasses. (One can argue the use of contact lenses, but this added feature sweetens the deal.)
Additionally, backers can band together to get GlassUp for cheaper. The Early Bird Bulk Order gives you 10 items for only $1500. If you’ve got enough friends, that is an awesome deal. In fact, we’re rounding up people in my circle to get this!
Want to know more? Check out the video below and visit GlassUp on Indiegogo.