The Light Lead: Worlds First Optical Analogue Guitar Cable

We all dream of being the lead guitarist in our favourite rock band, don’t we?  The sound of a electric guitar brings chills down your spine.  When a talented guitarist takes his solo, we are left in awe and wonder.  But how is that amazing sound made?  Enter The Light Lead.

Iconic Sound has created the World’s first optical analogue guitar cable. The Light Lead brings zero capacitance for a clean wholesome sound.  Capacitance is the ability for an object to hold an electrical charge which can often cause feedback and less dynamic sound.  Optical cables use light to transfer signals and have long been used for many devices; however, never before have they been used for guitars until now: enter The Light Lead!

The many advantages of using an optical guitar cable include zero loading.  As a result, guitarists get a clear, precise and dynamic sound.  The advantage of an optical guitar cable is zero capacitance, which means a precise, dynamic and clear sound. Current multi-strand cables can reduce capacitance but they cannot completely eliminate it and as a result, high frequencies are lost, especially in long leads.  On the other hand, optical cables maintain a superb quality despite being the length.