Google Glass Now Available to All Access Subscribers

The Google Glass device has, up until now, only been made available to a selected few individuals.  All that is about to change, as Google has just opened up its Glass Explorers programme to subscribers of its All Access music streaming service.

The worlds biggest search engine company has recently sent out emails to subscribers of the service informing them that they are now eligible to buy a Google Glass Explorers device. Google reportedly sent out the emails this Tuesday, according to Gizmodo.

The Google Glass Explorers device is the company’s testing programme for the massively anticipated wearable technology device.  Those people who are wanting to buy the device will still need to come up with the $1,500 which Google Glass costs, which the first wave of users had to pay last year, when the device first became available.

Owning Google Glass is an exclusive club so far, as only certain developers, celebrities and contest winners have been allowed to purchase the device so far. The company did put up a waiting list for the general public last year and the All Access subscribers are now part of that exclusive group. In November last year, Google added All Access support for the headset, so it was only a matter of time before it became available to them. The device has won awards for innovation in 2013.