CubeSensors: Fitness Trackers For The Home

Fitness trackers are all the rage, a result of the juxtaposition of the renewed interest in healthy living and the continuing attraction to gadgets. From FitBit to the Nike Fuel Band (and a bunch of other brands in between), gadget lovers who want to keep track of their fitness and related activities have a wide range of choices. But what good is jogging, running, or cycling if your home is in an unhealthy state?

That’s what CubeSensors is all about.

This piece of hardware caught the attention of CES goers – it even won TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield. The premise can be summed up in a single statement: “Understand how your home or office is affecting your health, comfort and productivity.”
The idea is to place a CubeSensor in different areas of your home so that you can monitor the environment and analyze how healthy – or unhealthy – the area is. Each CubeSensor has, well, sensors which measure the following:

    air quality
    weather pressure

As can only be expected, CubeSensors are also equipped with accelerometers. Of course, the system is made complete by an accompanying app.

In practical terms, a CubeSensor can give you information that can help you save money, for one. For example, if the heating/cooling system in an area is not right (or not efficient), the device will let you know. This way, you can make cost-saving adjustments. A CubeSensor can also tell you if the air you’re breathing inside is killing you slowly.

So yeah, they’re basically fitness trackers for the home.

Now for the piece of detail that we’re all curious about. How much will these CubeSensors cost you?

It depends on how many rooms you want to monitor, but a small pack (for two rooms) costs $299, a medium pack (for four rooms) costs $449, and a large pack (for 6 packs) costs $599. Not cheap, but I don’t think anyone has ever claimed that health (plus shiny gadgets) comes cheap. In any case, for orders, you can visit this page.