Sprint To Allow Wi-Fi Calling

Sprint is one of those cell phone companies that no one really seems to hear about all that much anymore. That might be changing over the coming months, though. It has been leaked through the grapevine that Sprint will probably soon be allowing their customers to make calls over Wi-Fi service. This would definitely be very welcome news for anyone who consistently goes over or even ever comes close to going over their minutes each month. With Wi-Fi calling, any minutes used would not count toward the monthly voice usage. Along with the voice calls over Wi-Fi service, text messages are also able to be sent and received.
If and when Sprint decides to enable this feature on their phones, they would still be behind T-Mobile who has offered this service for the past few years.

It might be a while before most Sprint customers can use and enjoy the Wi-Fi calling feature as Sprint only plans on having it available on 2 smartphones to begin with: the Galaxy Mega and the Galaxy S4. Obviously, if it is successful Sprint will most likely add the feature to several other smartphones in their arsenal.
This news from Sprint does bring up some questions. Since many of their smartphone plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, how useful will this feature end up being? I do realize that if you have poor reception at your house, Wi-Fi calling would be a great asset to have. It is also noted that phones won’t be able to go directly from using Wi-Fi to using a cell tower – if you lose your wireless signal you will also lose your call. That could get annoying after a few times.