Rapide One: Affordable Professional Desktop 3D Printer

Everybody is into 3D printing in some way or another these days and although the industry is really still in its fledgling stage there is still a gap in the market for a desktop 3D printer capable of producing high quality professional pieces.  That is until now.  The Rapide One has been hailed as the first true desktop 3D Printer to offer professional rapid prototyping with stunning design and functionality, with a reasonable price tag.

The Rapide One printer has a full cartridge system built into the top of the printer to reduce overall size and to make usage simple and easy with zero mess, which is common with external, mounted spools found in most 3D printers.  With this design you can choose to use a cartridge or just load material into the top of the machine without a cartridge. This cartridge system will allow the user to change colour and material type for each print both quickly and easily.

The printer is also designed to be plug and play. With the unique enclosed housing and cartridge system you can apparently just set up the print build, click start and walk away from it and get on with other matters. When the build has been completed you simply remove the finished product. If this is the case, then it opens up endless possibilities for ‘print shops’ because the requirement to supervise each build is now no longer required.  The Rapide One has been touted as ‘more than just a box’ it is a complete solution; the next generation in desktop 3D Printing.