Microsoft Kills Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP

I think that by now, practically everyone has come to terms with the fact that we have to say goodbye to Windows XP. Starting August 2014, Microsoft will stop all support for Windows XP, forcing existing users to use more updated versions of the OS. Even with the pressure exerted by economic superpower China, it doesn’t look like Windows XP will have a second lease on life.

But that’s not all. Microsoft has made further announcements, this time about Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP. There is a dedicated page for this, where you will find the necessary information:
Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date.
What does this mean?
One, you can continue using Windows XP for as long as you want, but there will be no updates at all.
Two, as a corollary, if you continue with Windows XP, your computer will most likely not have adequate security measures.
On the one hand, you can say that the move is totally logical. The company will be stopping support for the operating system. Why continue with Microsoft Security Essentials for XP?
Then again, we also know that there will be individuals and businesses who can’t – or won’t – ditch Microsoft XP when the support ends. How are they supposed to deal with security matters then?
Microsoft suggests two things:
  1. Upgrade to Windows 8.1 (at the very least).
  2. Get a new PC.
Very helpful, thank you very much, Microsoft!
What the situation looks like is that Microsoft seems hell bent on forcing its customers to leave Microsoft XP and purchase Windows 8 or 9. And if you are not allowing yourself to be pushed in that direction, it looks like Microsoft is just as hell bent on leaving you to the wolves, so to speak.
I might be missing something here, but this move just stinks somehow.
And, sorry, I just can’t resist saying this, but maybe you really ought to consider switching to something that doesn’t run on Windows. You know what I mean.