Google is Still The Best Place to Work

Are you looking for a good company to start a career with? Or, are you looking to make some kind of a mid-career change in your life? If so, I can tell you with certainty who the best company to work for is  - at least in the way that they are known for treating their employees. It turns out that Fortune Magazine, for the third year in a row has put Google at the top of their list for the best places to work if you want to be treated well. Is this all that surprising? Not really. Google has been known to be a wonderful employer for years.
You might be wondering – what is it that makes Google such a great place to work? To put it simply, they treat their employees like royalty, and it shows in their collective work performance.

Just A Few Benefits Of Working At Google…
Here’s just a few of Google’s top perks as reported by the Huffington Post in 2013. If you work for Google and are having a baby, they will give you 5 months of paid time off with full benefits – and best of all, new moms can split up that time however they’d like to. Google also provides on-site laundry services for their employees, free awesome food, and free commuting shuttles with Wi-Fi on-board. Their California headquarters include a skating rink, horseshoe pits, massages, and dance lessons all for free. Reading all these Google perks has me questioning my own career at the moment.
In an era where more and more people seem to be working only for a paycheck, those who work for Google really seem to love their jobs and it shows in Google’s low turnover rate. If only more companies went out of their way to value their employees over their bottom line.