Native Union Create JUMP: It Charges Your Smartphone & Itself

Native Union wants to make all our lives a bit easier when it comes to keeping our devices charged. It has come up with a smart, pocket-sized charging cable and portable battery, which it has named JUMP.

Hidden inside the 50mm x 50mm x 13.6mm case, is an 800mAh battery. To put that in to perspective, that’s around a third of the power found in an iPhone 5S. So although this little charger won’t resurrect your completely dead battery to 100 percent charge, it will be a big help in keeping your smartphone or tablet out of the red. It is available with either a Lightening Connector or MicroUSB.

What really makes JUMP special is its ability to charge its own internal battery, once its finished charging your device.Whether you are charging from your laptop or the wall socket, JUMP will recognise when the battery is full and begin charging itself automatically. That means it should always be 100 percent charged, ready for use out in the field.

Native Union has successfully reached its Kickstarter target and did so in just over 24 hours. You can still order JUMP by pledging $40 before the campaign ends on February 13. You can expect to receive it by May.