WigWag: The Future Of Connected Homes?

Every technophile dreams of having the ultimate connected home. Perhaps, you’ve even made steps to attain that goal. It can start with the entertainment system being controlled via your phone and/or tablet. Then there are lighting schemes also controlled by smartphones, not to mention keyless locks. One appliance at a time, and pretty soon, you just might have one of those abodes we call connected homes.
WigWag: The Future Of Connected Homes?
Enter WigWag.
WigWag is an ongoing Kickstarter project, the ultimate goal of which is to equip you to “build intelligent environments anywhere with Internet-connected sensors and devices by letting you graphically write rules, “When” [this] happens “Then” do [that].  No complicated programming languages or computers necessary, rules are easily built on smartphones and tablets.  The more WigWag and third party devices in your account, the more you can do! ”
Isn’t that just the dream?
The brilliant thing about WigWag is that it allows you, the user, to define the IF condition and specify the THEN action as well. Some examples:
  • IF there’s motion sensed in the patio, you get a notification on your phone.
  • IF the humidity reaches a certain level, the fan turns on.
Obviously, in order for the system to work, you need to have sensors that will detect the conditions.
How does WigWag work?
There are four things to take note of:
  • Scan. Using either QR codes or NFC tags, you can deploy WigWag.
  • Control. Via your smartphone, you can control WigWag compatible devices.
  • Rules. Again, you use your smartphone to identify rules.
  • Share. If you live with other people, or you have friends staying the night, you can share the rules and controls with them.
Bottom line: WigWag has the potential to be THE system for connected homes of the future.
WigWag devices
This is just the beginning, but the makers of WigWag have come up with devices to get you going.

To find out more about these devices and how they work together, visit WigWag’s Kickstarter page, and be one of the first to get in the game!