Fedora 19 Linux Enters Beta Testing

Fedora 19 Linux Enters Beta Testing

Schrödinger’s Cat is out of the bag – Fedora 19 is now undergoing beta testing!
Fedora is always mocked for being late with scheduled releases. However, according to the company, these delays were due to technical overhaul. Moving on from that, Fedora 19 beta has now arrived 6 months after the release of the Fedora 18 beta version. There are several interesting features for developers in this release.

The new Fedora Linux includes the following features for developers and creators:

Most people are not surprised by the enthusiasm with which Fedora 19 has been received, and this is
because of the various features it has with smooth functionality.
An Outstanding Developer’s Assistant
It is brilliant for initiating a new project, or learning about software development. It can help you initiate a code project with samples, templates, and tool-chains for your choice of language – and it hands you the ability to push code out to GitHub when you need to.

3D printing: A variety of tools for 3D printing

You can avail printing software for creating 3D models, and you can generate and send code to 3D printers. These are the options in printing that you have with Fedora 19. Additionally, you have SFACT, Printrun, OpenSCAD, Skeinforge, and RepetierHost.

OpenShift Origin

You can now develop your very own Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on Fedora 19. Developing and deploying software with different cartridges has never been more convenient, and you can deliver applications to users with utmost ease.


This is used for scalable network applications or real-time apps that are used across distributed units. With the node.js runtime and npm package manager, you can develop new applications and also run node.js applications.
Fedora delivers the latest language stacks with each release. Fedora 19 gives you updates for PHP (5.5), as well as Ruby 2.0.0.
For system administrators, Fedora 19 gets your systems to work for you. It gives you a wide range of improved areas of the operating system, which include migration of systems, boot process, recovery from failures, along with others.
Diagnostic tools as well as tools for monitoring and logging give you far more control than before.

Special Features of Fedora 19

The list of additional features seems as though it will never end, and that’s because there have been many areas that have been improved.

Virt Storage Migration

You can move your virtual machine along with its in-use storage, and that too without needing to use shared storage between the hosts.

OpenStack Grizzly

With OpenStack Grizzly, you can build out of an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud platform. This is perhaps the top corporate contributor to the OpenStack project.

System Resource Control

You can alter your service settings as you move along without needing to reboot.

Checkpoint & Restore

The checkpoint and restore processes can help you in situations such as recovery in process failures, or when shifting one process to another machine in the event of load balancing or maintenance.
While you have been given a variety of options and advanced tools in Fedora 19, do keep in mind that this is a beta testing phase and there might be some bugs to contend with. It is hoped that a final secure version will be announced soon as well.