Will You Pay to Remove Ads from Sites or Apps? [Poll]

Call it a necessary evil. You’re cruising around the Internet and find a great website you love, but then get some annoying pop-up ads that distract you from what you were doing. Or perhaps you’re playing a new game on an app, but you can’t seem to get anywhere without being hit with annoying ads. Of course for a fee you can get rid of those ads. Is it worth it?
You have to admit it’s good business. The websites that charge for a membership to avoid ads and the apps that offer an ad-free experience for a fee know that you want their product. You were already browsing the website, so you are obviously interested in what it has to offer. The apps are in the same situation. You already downloaded the free version. You’re interested. However, no matter what your interest level is, the annoyance factor is still there. No one wants to be interrupted by pop-up ads.
The websites and apps need them, though, to help pay their costs. But even understanding why websites and apps throw in the pop-up ads doesn’t make it any easier to put up with them. You can click them and get them to go away, only to have more pop up in their place later on.
What do you do? Will you pay to remove the Ads from Sites and Apps?