Minecraft Movie

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. It began as people building constructions to shield against nocturnal monsters, but now players work together to create imaginative creations.  And now, it may expand once again and turn into a full length movie!
Creator, Markus Persson, said they were in talks with Warner Brothers about the potential project.  Persson replied that he had to reveal this news in order to stop information about the deal from being leaked.

There are rumours that the maker of the recent Lego Movie is taking care of the project.  Warner is apparently planning to make the game into a “live action” film.  At this point, Warner Brothers has only obtained the rights to used the popular blocks, monsters and characters and is at the very beginning of their work on the film.
Two weeks after the news about a Minecraft came out, Minecraft creator Mojang took steps to shut down a Kickstarter project that was trying to raise money to create a film based on the game.  In Hollywood, making film adaptations of popular games hasn’t necessarily been smooth sailing.  Many projects never get beyond the first hurdle of planning.  For instance, a movie based on Halo has been under development for nine years but filming hasn’t started, even though many scripts have been written.
Also, movies based on Bioshock, Gears of War and Metal Gear Solid Work have been discussed but nothing has been put onto celluloid yet.  However, World of Warcraft is a definite winner and started filming in late January, with Duncan Jones as its director.  But will we see Minecraft take shape?  We will have to wait to see what occurs!  The anticipation is building!