Should Windows XP Be Put Out of Its Misery? [Poll]

Microsoft recently released its plan to stop supporting Windows XP. Considering one-third of all the computers in the world are still running this version of the OS, it will obviously affect some people. Is Microsoft stopping the support too soon or should Windows XP be put out of its misery?
With two solid OS releases after the XP in Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft is apparently feeling confident in them, enough to stop supporting the twelve-year-old XP. After April 8, 2014, there will not be any more automatic updates to XP, meaning it won’t help protect your personal information. Anti-virus won’t help here. Additionally, new software and devices won’t work on the XP. Those still running that older OS will be forced into either upgrading the software or buying a new computer. Perhaps this is the plan: to get that one-third of computers to finally upgrade and spend more money.
Does a twelve-year-old OS have to be retired or can there still be a use for it? Is Microsoft just trying to sell some computers and software? Is it time for Microsoft to be put out of its misery?