Do You Feel Secure with Your Current Password Management System? [Poll]

There are many different ways to keep your data and information safe, but for many of us, we still rely on the tried and true method of using passwords. By now, we all know not to use the obvious birthdays, anniversaries, variations of our name, and other obvious choices. But do you feel secure with the method that you’ve chosen to select and store your passwords?
With all the different options out there, you don’t even have to choose your own passwords. Apps and some operating systems will generate passwords for you or you can still choose to create your own. It’s said that it’s best not to use the same password for different websites, but by creating different passwords every time, it can get difficult to keep track of them, especially if they are ones created by an app or OS. It’s a good thing there are also apps and some OS that help you keep track of all those passwords, but making the password database available to all platforms is still an issue.
Do you feel secure with your current password management system? Vote Please!