HTC One Leak Suggests Smart Cover Will Display Notifications

As everyone awaits the official release of the new HTC One, the leaks and rumours surrounding the latest flagship handset are coming thick and fast. Another leak from @evleaks has posted on Twitter what looks like a press image, showing a funky new cover that displays information by the use of colourful lights.

From the image you can clearly see the many holes in the case, making it look similar to a Lite Brite. This design means that the phone can display imformation like the weather and time, all without you having to wake up the device. This will certainly be a useful feature and will no doubt have a beneficial effect on battery life. Although we don’t know yet exactly how it will work, such a feature will make it easier to access alerts and notifications.
The post also tells us to expect the new HTC One to be available in a Google Play edition, as with the original handset.