How to Restore Hibernate Feature in Windows 8.1

Those using Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have noticed something missing. Yes, the Start button and menu have disappeared, but those aren’t the only options to have MIA reports filed on them. The Hibernate function is also missing from the Power menu.
Remember the Windows 7 days when things were simple? You could choose what you wanted your PC to do, but those days have long since disappeared, and choices in Microsoft’s latest operating system have been greatly limited.
That doesn’t have to be, though. All of the options you remember from past versions of the OS can be brought back. It just takes a bit of tweaking. Here is how you can restore Hibernate function in Windows 8/8.1.

Revive Power Options in Windows 8/8.1
Honestly, none of you probably should be running Windows 8, as the upgrade to version 8.1 is free, but regardless, this will work either way. Here’s how to do it.
First, we should point out that Hibernate and Sleep modes in Windows are similar, though the former proves to use less power consumption and will save you a few cents on your electric bill.
Be sure you are logged in as an administrator, then head to the Control Panel – the easiest way to do this in Windows 8/8.1 is to hit the Charms menu and just begin typing “control panel”.

Once it opens, tap (or click) the “Hardware and Sound” option to open a more detailed menu.

Once this new window opens, you will need to scan for the “Power Options” setting. A hint: unlike the previous menu, these are not in alphabetical order, though there aren’t a ton of choices, so it’s still easy.

In the ”Power Options” window, you will see the main section in the middle where you choose or customize the active power plan. More advanced options are available in the column found on the left side of the window.
Click on “Choose what the power buttons do” in order to delve deeper into these settings. By default, Windows 8.1 sets everything to “sleep,” regardless of whether you are plugged in or on battery power – the latter is obviously for notebook computers.
You are certainly welcome to change any, or all, of those options, but down at the bottom you will find one more setting that is not on by default in Windows 8 or 8.1. That is “Hibernate.” You’ve perhaps noticed that when clicking “Power” in the Charms menu, it only offers sleep, shutdown and restart.
Check the box and it will add this hidden option to that same menu, lending a bit of functionality that is left out by default.

There is no real explanation as to why Microsoft chose to eliminate hibernate from the menu, nor is there any reasoning behind everything being set to sleep by default. However, it is at least a fairly simple process to make the necessary alterations to fix all of this.
It seems, from early leaks of the coming Windows 8.1 Update 1 that this won’t be changing, though customers can expect many other improvements to the operating system.