Kaspersky Announces Anti-Phishing Browser

Cyber security specialist, Kaspersky Labs, have just announced ‘Safe Browser’ for Windows Phone.  Kaspersky announced the launch at MWC this week.  The browser is an alternative to Internet Explorer, which protects against phishing attacks.  It does this by automatically blocking dangerous links.

The browser is available now on the Windows Phone Store as a free download. This release follows the previous issues of Safe Browser for iOS in 2013 and the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android that was released in January of this year.

Victor Yablokov, head of Mobile Product Line at Kaspersky Lab, said,“Smartphones are becoming an essential part of modern life and the web browser is one of the most popular features…However, even the most tech-savvy web user may sometimes struggle to distinguish fake sites from the real thing. Now, Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone is here to help, providing automatic protection against fraudulent and inappropriate sites.”
Phishing is a technique that attempts to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details by pretending to be a trustworthy website. The most recent survery undertaken by Kaspersky and B2B International, showed that in the past year one in three Internet users has received messages with phishing links.
Kaspersky has developed the ‘Safe Browser’ to help fix this growing issue.  The browser is an alternative, which prevents access to potentially harmful content. Although the design is simplified, user reviews rate it higher than Microsoft’s native app.
The application works by receiving information regarding malicious sites in real-time from Kaspersky’s Security Network database.  The browser is then able to block those phishing pages that have just appeared in the database.
Kaspersky launched another product at this year’s MWC.  The company unveiled their new Fraud Prevention platform, which consists of an array of tools.  The platform is aimed at firms within the e-commerce sector, banks and financial organisations.