Handy Photo – All in One Photo Editor for Android and iOS

Have you ever wished there was a photo editor app for your Android device that could do almost everything you can imagine? The editor Handy Photo is something that fits this the best. Often times while editing photos, you have to look around for various apps to apply different kinds of effects on your pictures. It is both time consuming and not very much liked by the editors. Handy Photo fills this gap and allows you to edit your pictures the way you want without switching between apps.

User Interface

The success or failure of an app depends on the experience that it provides to the users. In the case of Handy Photo, the user-interface is neat and clean and well-organized, so you will not have to look here and there to find the option that you want to use. The most useful links are given on the first screen of the app, thus saving you a few taps.
The app has a “Tutorials” section that teaches you how to get started with the app. Whether you are new to editing photos or have been doing it for years, taking a look at this section is just worth it. Who knows? You might get something unique out of it.


As said earlier, the app has a boatload of features that will take awhile for you to explore them all, starting with the first feature that lets you select photos from various sources. No matter where your photos are saved, you can just tap the Gallery button. It should let you select the source of photos including Handy Gallery, Gallery, Dropbox, etc.
If you would rather do quick photo retouching, you can tap the “Camera” button and it will let you capture the photo and edit it right away.

The Main Editing Screen

I would say that the main screen where you edit your photos is just brilliant. The way it shows pallets and other editing tools is something you would not see in any other app. Once you have selected a photo for editing, it will instantly become available in the centre of the screen, and the tools will appear on the corners of your screen. When you tap the hand icon located in the top-right corner, it opens up pallets for you to use. In fact, it is the way to reach out to the other tools of the app. For instance, tap one hand icon followed by Retouch and a menu will appear in the bottom-left corner on your screen.
If you do not know what a particular tool does, simply tap on it and a pop-up message box will appear giving info what you can do with the selected tool.
Similarly, you can access other parts of the app using the hand icon followed by clicking on whatever tool you want to use. It should then show you the tools.

Although there are various apps available to edit photos on Android, Handy Photo wins the race by the number of features it provides and the simplicity it brings along. Believe me, it will not disappoint you!