5 of the Best Code Editor Apps for Your Mac

Is programming your profession or passion? No matter what category of programmers you belong to, you will need a tool to write down your programming code. If you take a look at the apps available to do coding, you will find that there are many, and choosing the one that will fulfill your needs seems to be quite a difficult task. Here, we have come to the rescue of those of you who are looking for some of the best code editor apps for Macs. Go ahead and get started with coding using the tools listed below.

1. Sublime Text

One of the best and simplest coding tools ever available to Mac users. Sublime Text is a notepad-like application that lets you write your code, highlight certain parts using its various syntax detecting algorithms and so on. The app has a number of features including Goto Anything, Multiple Selections, Command Palette, etc. If you think the other apps or things are distracting you while doing your coding work, then you can enable the distraction free writing mode. It disables everything except for the area where you write your code.

The app is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

2. BBEdit 10

This is yet another nice tool for coding programs. BBEdit 10 says it does not suck, and that probably means something good for the coders. The app has a nice interface identical to Sublime Text.  The app seems to be inclined towards those who do a lot of HTML coding, and maybe that is why there are a number of options to manipulate webpages in the app. It contains FTP and SFTP support, so there is no issue with uploading your files to your server as soon as you are done writing them. Sounds cool, huh!

3. TextMate

Do you have a load of coding work that needs to be done in a short span of time? Well, TextMate is there to help you out. The app makes coding much easier on your Mac than ever with a number of features it comes preloaded with. Syntax highlighting, Multiple Tabs, and Search and Replace are some of the salient features of the app. If you missed closing a bracket, that happens most of the time you are coding; it completes it automatically for you. So the next time you write a program, there is much less of a chance that it will have errors.

4. Brackets

What is it that you use most often while writing a code? Yes, you are right. It is brackets. Brackets by Adobe brings a powerful tool for you to code the next big thing. The app is actually built for HTML coders who build hundreds of webpages a day, or maybe even more. It highlights the syntax making it easier for you to find your code blocks and errors and comes with a Live HTML Development that shows the output of your code without having you save or refresh the page. That is really something cool about this app, isn’t it?

5. Textastic

Textastic for Mac is a simple yet faster coding tool that delivers what it promises. With features like Auto Completion, it auto-completes some of your code that you would otherwise have to do yourself, saving you some time that you could use to do something else. While most of the other features remain the same as the apps above, it includes a new feature called iCloud syncing. What it does is let you sync your code across your various Mac machines, so that you can pick up where you left off easily.

Coding has become a part of many people’s lives these days, and the apps above should help them get it done more quickly and more efficiently.