Vanish From The Internet With JustDelete.Me

Almost everything we do online remains stored somewhere and getting rid of the tracks is almost impossible. If you have old accounts you want to delete or social media sites you want erased, this new site named can help.

The website, launched by designer Ed Poole and developer Robb Lewis, makes it a lot easier to ‘vanish’ from the Internet. Okay, maybe not permanently, but it is definitely the place to go if you’ve had it with your old accounts and want to start afresh. is basically a directory of links and information about how to delete specific accounts. When possible, it also lists direct links to web pages that allow you to delete your account. The website also ranks the services based on how easy or difficult it is to delete an account. The available categories are easy, medium, hard and impossible.

For instance, Google and Instagram are categorized as “easy,” since they make it very easy for the users to delete their accounts: they just have to log in and opt to delete. PayPal and IMDB are also in this category. Amazon and New York Times are listed as “hard” – Amazon users have to send a formal request to the company in order to delete their account.

And then there are websites such as Pinterest, Netflix, Craigslist, that are in the “impossible” category and seem to offer users no way to delete their accounts, even if they contact support. was launched on August 19 and had 16 services in its directory, but the number has since grown to over 130. A Google Chrome extension is also available.

Lewis said he decided to create this service after he found out how difficult it is to delete a Netflix or Skype account. And Poole explained that the popularity of their website since it was launched – over 500,000 views in the first week, is due to a growing public concern with Internet privacy, especially in light of the recent NSA spying scandal.